Friday Box Office: The Help On Track to Snag Labor Day Crown, Of Course

How appropriate: Your Labor Day holiday is on track to be owned by The Help, a movie about domestic workers. The female-driven, '60s-set lit adaptation has been dominating the charts for three weekends in a row, plowing through the end-of-summer competition left and right, and you know what? Not even sharks and astronauts and spies can slow down the Help train. The pic's on track for The Blind Side-esque awards buzz and an estimated $121M cume by the end of the four-day weekend. Is it crazy to imagine franchise potential here? Drop your The Help 2 sequel pitches below on your way to those Labor Day BBQs!

1. THE HELP: $3,600,000 ($121,000,000)

2. APOLLO 18: $2,800,000 (new)

3. SHARK NIGHT 3D: $2,800,000 (new)

4. THE DEBT: $2,600,000 (new)

5. COLOMBIANA: $2,000,000 ($24,000,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]


  • Alan says:

    It might have prequel potential. Like maybe the early 1900's and it could be called The Color... oh wait, um... how about earlier, like during the Civil War and it could be called Gone with... oh geez. I'm out of ideas.

  • anonymous says:

    The Help 2: The musical: In space: In 4D (with aromascope)!