Who Wins in the Showdown Between Watermelon Optimus Prime and Carrot Darth Vader?

Because it's Friday and you deserve it, here's the latest newcomer in the world of the artistic pop culture food art wars: Watermelon Optimus Prime, forged from the flesh of a juicy, juicy watermelon. But how does the edible Autobot leader compare to the nefarious design of delicious darkness that is Carrot Darth Vader?

Behold, Watermelon Optimus Prime, reigning supreme over one guy's computer desk, vs. Carrot Darth Vader, resplendent in a sushi chef-rendered dry ice fog (nice touch):


Winner: Carrot Darth Vader by a slice, based on sheer presentation. Plus, there's a tutorial so you can make your own at home. Score one for the dark side.

[Watermelon Optimus Prime, 9gag.com via Slashfilm]

[Carrot Darth Vader, My Sushi World via Neatorama]


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