Watch Ryan Gosling in the Redband Comic-Con Trailer for Drive

drive_gosling300.jpgBe still, my Nicolas Winding Refn-loving heart! The redband trailer for the Ryan Gosling-starrer Drive that debuted today at Comic-Con has hit the web, providing a taste of the taut, gorgeous crime thriller-romance that Refn co-panelist Guillermo del Toro went bananas over today in Hall H. Do yourself a favor and watch this, already!

Gosling stars in Drive as a quiet, unassuming young Los Angeleno -- Hollywood stunt man by day, getaway driver by night -- who falls for the young mother (Carey Mulligan) who lives next door. Only problem is, her husband's fresh out of jail, and he needs help with one last job.

What ensues is a stylish L.A.-set "fairytale" of sorts, not to mention a heart-wrenching romance and killer electronic soundtrack. The redband trailer does a good job of conveying the arc and escalation of the film without giving too much away; suffice to say, Gosling's stoic, silent act belies an antihero capable of inflicting incredible violence in the name of protecting his loved ones, and Albert Brooks makes the most captivating and unlikely villains in recent memory.

FilmDistrict releases Drive on September 16. Read more from the Drive panel live-blog here.

[via IGN Movies]