New Captain America Trailer Ups the Raiders of the Lost Ark/Rocketeer Vibe

captainamericatrailer2_630.jpgIf you weren't sold on the Chris Evans-starring Captain America: The First Avenger yet, let the newly released theatrical trailer assuage your fears that it'll turn out to be another tame, Thor-level Marvel meh-fest. Instead, the trailer tells us, literally, what Edith Zimmerman learned the drunken way: Evans, and Captain America, is "gonna get so many girls." And boys. And anyone with a lingering fetish for the retro-futuristic stylings of Raiders of the Lost Ark and director Joe Johnston's underappreciated 1991 adventure The Rocketeer.

The throwback sensibilities in those films are on full display in the new trailer (debuting at Yahoo!), which adds new action shots, more Hydra, and deeper character insight to the already-exciting teaser trailer released back in March. The WWII-era world that puny "90 lb. asthmatic" Steve Rogers (Evans) inhabits feels rich with detail, but the footage just as strongly conveys the uber-patriotic sense of pride and duty that drives him into the super serum-wielding arms of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), who gives Rogers a physique to match his inner convictions.

We get a sense of humor to go along with that bravado, in the form of stone-faced Col. Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), who tests puny Rogers' mettle by dropping a grenade in the middle of basic training, and a cutesy "Is it too late to go to the bathroom?" line from Rogers, pre-transformation. But Captain America's new trailer doesn't hard-sell the comedy as Thor did, and the best takeaway is its stirring sense of old-fashioned adventure and action, which reminds me: Maybe it's time to re-watch The Rocketeer again before July 22.

Verdict: Raid me, rock(eteer) me, avenge me already, Captain America!

[via Yahoo!]


  • casting couch says:

    Good-looking action, but hopefully the dialogue is more that just a sequence of cheesy one-liners.