Tree of Life vs. The Social Network, and More Golden Trailer Awards Match-Ups

goldentrailers.jpgAwards season isn't completely over for some of your favorite films from last year: The 12th annual Golden Trailer Awards pit the best marketing campaigns, trailer, and posters from films in 2010 and 2011 against one another, which means the Tree of Life trailer is up against that of The Social Network, the vampire remake Let Me In competes with the spooky remake Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and Cars 2 battles Rango. Never mind that half of these films haven't come out yet!

The Golden Trailer Awards are voted on by a jury of industry experts -- movie producers, execs, or filmmakers all this year -- who award the best trailers (and various marketing campaigns) in over 60 categories, including drama, horror, action, independent, and foreign films.

It's in the latter categories where the competition really gets interesting; nominees for Best Foreign Horror/Thriller, for instance, include the shocking, ultra-violent red band trailer for Magnet Releasing's I Saw the Devil, one of the more viscerally intriguing trailers in recent memory. Magnolia Pictures' green band trailer for Rubber earns a nod for Most Original Foreign Trailer, with good reason.

And just because it's the only entry in the "Trashiest Trailer" category that I haven't seen, I present the U.K. trailer for Brit classroom horror pic F, in which a teacher at a North London school is stalked by resentful, hoodie-wearing killer kids:

Winners will be announced on June 29. Check out select nominees below:

Best Action

Inception "Control", Warner Bros., BLT:AV

Sucker Punch "Trailer", Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures, Mojo

The Town "This Side", Warner Bros., Wild Card

Unstoppable "Domestic Trailer", 20th Century Fox, Ignition Creative

Best Animation/Family

Cars 2 "Spies Are Us", Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, mOcean

Gnomeo & Juliet, Walt Disney Studios, The Ant Farm

Hop "Battle For Easter", 20th Century Fox, Cimarron Entertainment

Rango "Teaser", Paramount Pictures, The Ant Farm

Best Comedy

Bad Teacher "Hot For Teacher", Columbia, Seismic Productions

The Hangover Part II "Trailer #3", Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures, BLT:AV

The Other Guys "Return to Glory", Columbia, Seismic Productions

Paul "Trailer", Universal/Working Title, Workshop Creative

Best Documentary

Catfish, Universal Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Life in a Day "Best Day Ever Trailer, Scott Free/National Geographic, Empire Design

Running America, Nehst, Mighty Pictures

The Tillman Story "Trailer 1", The Weinstein Company/ A&E Indie Films, Zealot Productions Inc.

Best Drama

127 Hours, Fox Searchlight/Pathe, Motive

Hereafter, "Connection", Warner Bros., Wild Card

The King's Speech, The Weinstein Company, AV Squad

The Social Network ,"Domestic Trailer #2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Best Horror

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, "Whisper", Miramax, Buddha Jones

The Last Exorcism, Lionsgate, Mojo

Let Me In, "More", Overture/Hammer/Relativity Films, Buddha Jones

The Rite, "Proof", New Line Cinema, Aspect Ratio

Best Independent Trailer

It's Kind of a Funny Story, Focus Features, Big Science Film, Inc

Martha Marcy May Marlene, "Can't Wait", Fox Searchlight, Acme Trailer Company

Tree of Life, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates

Winter's Bone, Roadside Attractions, AV Squad

Best Music

Battle: Los Angeles, "Prepare", Columbia/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Card

Rabbit Hole, "Trailer 1A", Lionsgate, Ignition

The Social Network, "Trailer 2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Sucker Punch, "Trailer", Warner Bros., Mojo

Best Romance

Beginners, Focus Features, Mark Woollen & Associates

Blue Valentine, "Trailer 1", The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc

Love and Other Drugs, "Match Trailer", 20th Century Fox, Empire Design

Something Borrowed, "Best Things", Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros., Trailer Park

Best Thriller

Black Swan, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates

Buried, "Trailer 1A", Lionsgate, Ignition

Super 8, Paramount Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Unknown, "Puzzle", Warner Bros., AV Squad

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over

Biutiful, "Intl Trailer", Focus Features International, Mark Woollen & Associates

Born To Be Wild, "Evolution", Warner Bros. Pictures, Mob Scene Creative + Productions

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec, "UK Trailer", Optimum Releasing, The Editpool

Tangled, "Flynn's Story", Walt Disney Studios, mOcean

Golden Fleece

Burlesque, "Make A Star", Screen Gems, Seismic Productions

Faster, "Int'l Trailer B", Sony Pictures Releasing, Tao Creative

Stone, "Trailer", Overture Films, In Sync Advertising

The Tourist, "Domestic Trailer", Columbia, Create Advertising Group

Most Original Trailer

Battle: Los Angeles, "Prepare", Columbia/Fox Searchlight, Wild Card

Buried, "Trailer 1A", Lionsgate, Ignition

The Social Network, "Domestic Trailer #2", Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Tree of Life, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates

Summer 2011 Blockbuster Trailer

Cowboys & Aliens, "Domestic Trailer", Universal Pictures/Paramount Pictures, Ignition Creative

Pirates of the Caribbean 4, "Jack", Walt Disney Pictures, Create Advertising Group

Super 8, Paramount Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, "Alien Secret", Paramount Pictures, Wild Card

Trashiest Trailer

F, "UK Trailer", Optimum Releasing, The Editpool

Hobo With A Shotgun, "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad

Machete, "Machete Int'l Trailer B", Sony Pictures Releasing Int'l, Tao Creative

Piranha 3D, "Waiting", Dimension Films, Buddha Jones

Best Foreign Action Trailer

22 Bullets, "German Trailer", Europa Corp/Central Film/Wild Bunch, Trailerhaus

Carlos, "German Trailer", Warner Bros. Pictures, Trailerhaus

Centurion, Magnolia Pictures, Kinetic Trailers

Valhalla Rising, "Theatrical Trailer", IFC Films, Kinetic Trailers

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer

Potiche, "Trailer 1", Music Box Films, Zealot Productions Inc

Soul Kitchen, "Soul Kitchen", IFC Films, Big Science Film, Inc

Submarine, "Trailer 1", The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc

Wild Target, Vue Entertainment/Free Style Releasing, Create Advertising Group

Best Foreign Drama Trailer

Empire of Silver, Neo Classics Films, Big Science Film, Inc.

The King's Speech, "Trailer 1", Momentum Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc

Life, Above All, "Theatrical Trailer", Sony Pictures Classics, Kinetic Trailers

Oranges and Sunshine, "Trailer 1", Icon Films, Zealot Productions Inc

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer

F, "UK Trailer", Optimum Releasing, The Editpool

I Saw the Devil, "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad

REC2, "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad

Silent House, "Theatrical Trailer", IFC Films, Kinetic Trailers

Most Original Foreign Trailer

Drei, "Main Trailer", X Verleih, Fleischmann Trailer

REC2, "Red Band", Magnet, AV Squad

Rubber, "Greenband Trailer 1", Magnolia Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc

Wasted on the Young, "Teaser", Paramount, The Solid State

Get the full list of nominees here and tell us below which film earns your vote for the best trailer in the past year, in any category.


  • The WInchester says:

    How much longer will it be before we have the Awardies: An Award show that celebrates all the awards (and awards shows) given out to celebrate the mediocre art that has become modern entertainment?

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Ha! Can't be too long. Plenty of fodder for consideration.

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