Get Your First Glimpse of District 12 in The Hunger Games Set Pics

The town of Shelby, NC is playing host to Gary Ross's The Hunger Games production this week, and local news is all aflutter with the goings-on around set. The Shelby Star has footage and pics from what appears to be a warehouse bearing the markings of District 12 -- home of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Get your first look after the jump!

Fan site The Hob speculates that the P&M Warehouse could be the site of District 12's meeting place/black market, where Katniss goes to trade the spoils of her illicit hunting for goods. Take a look and chime in; could this be the Hob?


Also captured: A shot of a train car carrying coal, the primary export of District 12, which approximates the Appalachian region in author Suzanne Collins' future-set novels.


Is Shelby 'District 12?' Crew prepares for 'Hunger Games' filming this week [Shelby Star]


  • Dimo says:

    Oh for the love of God Movieline...You are this close to making me read these books. Don't make me read an actual book...It cuts down on ML time...and we don't want that.

  • Berry says:

    Omg read the books it will help u get a sense of the characters and they are AMAZING! I don't think u shouldnt see the movie without reading. Omg I can't take the agony of waiting for this movie any longer I am soooo pumped!!!

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