Help Movieline Caption This Picture of Glee's Kevin McHale 'Pimphanding' Gwyneth Paltrow

With the immortal words, "TWITTER- PRE PIMPHANDED GWYNETH PALTROW win," Glee's Kevin McHale ascended to the heights of slushie-proof popularity by posing in the hallways of McKinley High, prepared to do violence unto Gwyneth "Forget You" Paltrow as a horrified Heather Morris looked on in shock holding something resembling a fruit cup. Somehow we don't think McHale anticipated the unabashed glee (zing!) the world might get from the idea of slapping Oscar singing sensation Paltrow in the face, and here at Movieline we wouldn't condone violence to anyone, regardless of their relentless warblings on television shows, the CMAs, the Grammys, and the Academy Awards, but there you have it. Caption it after the jump!


[via @druidDUDE]