Has Banksy Tapped Keyboard Cat for His Gonzo Oscar Campaign?

cat225.jpgAfter a hotly contested debate over whether or not this recent Banksy-themed Oscar mural came from Banksy himself or his Exit Through the Gift Shop subject/protégé Mr. Brainwash -- that is, if they aren't the very same person (duh-duh-duhhhhn) -- comes more evidence that the mysterious Banksy is really just some sort of mad viral marketing genius. Behold: The feline street art expose Exit Through the Pet Shop!

Follow the link at the end of Exit Through the Pet Shop and you'll find yourself watching a bizarre live stream cam inside a gallery space peppered with derivative Keyboard Cat pop art in the vein of Mr. Brainwash. (Price list available via email, natch.) Is this "the world's first 24 hour experience," whatever that means? On the surface, it all appears to be the brainchild of a performance artist/professional "nose dancer" named Charlie Schmidt, the originator of internet meme Keyboard Cat. Yes, that viral ditty you LOLed at, then got sick of, two years ago. But if we learned anything from watching Exit Through the Gift Shop, it's that we shouldn't take anything at face value when Banksy is involved.

And so, marinate on this: If we're willing to allow that Banksy could really be MBW and Thierry Guetta just his pawn, isn't it possible that Keyboard Cat is really Banksy in disguise?


  • The Winchester says:

    Should Exit Through The Gift Shop win the Oscar, will Sasha Baron Cohen accept the award in his place, causing the universe to fold in on itself?

  • KevyB says:

    Yeah, I was wondering who would accept for Banksy if it won, but then I realized it'll never win because I don't think there are many people in Hollywood who can figure out that Banksy is obviously MBW and those who do are also probably then smart enough to figure out that they're the type of people that Banksy is insulting with the movie. If the miracle did happen, I'd have a Native American accept the award, but instead of long black hair, she'd be wearing an Andy Warhol wig.

  • Jen Yamato says:

    You know where my vote goes when it comes to who'll accept for Banksy: Keyboard Cat!