Kristen Stewart First On Shortlist For Snow White -- Of Course

KSTEWFORPOST.jpgIt is getting harder and harder to remember who actually landed those young Hollywood roles before the Twilight cast came along. Robert Pattinson seems to have worked nonstop for roughly three years now, Taylor Lautner is just seconds away from surpassing Tom Cruise as the go-to-guy for action films and now comes the news that Kristen Stewart is atop the shortlist to play the eponymous princess in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. It's just that the whole thing seems so, well, wrong.

Now Kristen is a fine actress, and does downtrodden females like no other, but Snow White? This is a cheery, positive, whistling-while-she-works type of gal and Kristen has never really been any of those things onscreen. If Prince Charming wandered upon Kristen resting in eternal slumber in the middle of the woods and layed his lips on her, there is a pretty good chance she'd start swinging when she came to. Just saying. Also, Kristen does not come across as an apple eater.

Even in the Twilight saga, where she plays the beautiful and virginal Bella Swan, she still seems like the type of girl you're going to catch smoking a Marlb Red behind the dumpster during class. So, maybe instead of Snow White, Kristen can do some more indies where she gets to play the conflicted young woman who gets around. Her persona was perfect for Adventureland and even the somewhat dividing Welcome to the Rileys. Heck, she even did a pretty great Joan Jett in The Runaways.

Making matters worse is the supporting cast which includes some heavy hitters in Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron. Oh, and Charlize is playing the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen whose magic mirror is supposed to be lying to her when she forces it to proclaim her the "fairest of them all." That's right, the statuesque former model who looks better than roughly 99% of the world's population will be playing a woman of fading looks. Looks like someone's after another Oscar... [ Deadline ]


  • anais says:

    I agree, she is hardly dominating, she hasn't a had a big project outside of Twilight. The two films that came out since Twilight were both small. I just think if she wasn't in Twilight this wouldn't be an issue. This is just a rumor and we don't even know if she'll take it so relax. I'm so sick of hearing she's so depressed and is never happy, it's so ridiculous.

  • zooeyglass1999 says:

    Haha exactly!

  • anais says:

    This happens all the time when there are big franchise movies like this. Of course there is a lot of coverage of these people, they are all over the place. Still, where are they dominating outside the franchise? Except for Taylor who has a many movies lined up. The other two have yet to break big outside of Twilight. Kristen hasn't grabbed any big roles, two small films is somehow her dominating? So Twilight has become for her this movie that has both made her more well known and hated. If she even mentioned for a role it's only because of Twilight. So it goes for many working actors today, would they even be considered if they weren't also big stars? I'm not saying this theory is not worth taking a look at, both it's not just happening with these people. Every film that she has gotten outside of the franchise has been from what I've read seeing her in other films, none of which were Twilight. I don't know about this role for her, but her name like many others is just being thrown in there. How many times does this happen, nothing is set, it's just that rumors. Yes, very cleverly written and funny, "Kristen does not come across as an apple eater." Hilarious!

  • krisea says:

    come on!give her a chance.i think she is great and may be she can surprise u.

  • Cookie says:

    Wow, that reply was awesome!

  • Cookie says:

    My only concern is if Kristen will be able to open her mouth at know...she's had her jaws tightly closed during most of her career. That's why I need subtitles in her lines when I watch a movie feat. KStew, otherwise it would be just mumble jumble.
    Also, is it her problem or are all the characters she plays scripted like having always the same personality and persona?

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn't know Snow White was supposed to be a drunk, chain smoking, cursing, hateful b*t*c! Well what is the Little Mermaid really like?

  • BOO HALL says:

    Kristen as Snow White makes me smile and then I giggle moments later I am LMAO!