Is This Jake Gyllenhaal's Penis? A Movieline Investigation

It's currently cratering at the box office, but Love and Other Drugs was supposed to be a return to the full-throated, unabashedly erotic films of yesterday, akin to movies like Last Tango in Paris and 9 1/2 Weeks that proudly wore its sexual sizzle on its sleeve. And while we get a faceful of Anne Hathaway's front and back, Jake Gyllenhaal only provides an ass shot. But now a still from the movie is making the rounds online, and it seems like Jake Jr. might have made a cameo after all. The (obviously NSFW) picture after the jump.

Here's how it seems without only minimal digital tinkering:


And now here it is with the contrast cranked up to 11:


Ladies and gentlemen, that looks like a penis to me. BUT! Is it really Jake's junk or did some Photoshop savvy prankster drop it in there? I say let's go full-Zapruder and take a look at a GIF of the todger-centric clip in question.


Hmmm...This complicates matters. Frankly, now I'm not sure if it's not just a fold of the sheet that gives the illusion of it being Gyllenhaal's gully-digger. It seems to me like Anne definitely makes contact with something fleshy, but based on the position of his body I'm not positive it's Jake's John Thomas. But if it is him, then Jake is hung like a bull moose and I worry for the safety and sanctity of Taylor Swift's maidenhead.

What do you think, gentle reader? Is this Jake's Gyllen-willy or just a cruel hoax?


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