Erin Andrews on Yet Another Outrageous Dancing with the Stars Dismissal: 'I'm Getting Blamed!'

Erin Andrews started our weekly Dancing with the Stars recap interview with the following greeting: "Um. Hello?!" It was appropriate: We've officially reached the finale of the most insane DWTS season ever. Join us as we chat with the ESPN heroine about last night's elimination, her feelings about the final three, and the flood of (unjustified) hate-Tweets she's received about the outcome.

Well, Erin, craziness happened again the other night.

It is crazy. If you had asked me last night when it was down to Brandy and Bristol, I never would've guessed this is what we'd be talking about today.

Let's start at the beginning with the easier subjects: Jennifer Grey earned two perfect scores. Do you almost feel bad for her and how great she's doing because it's possible the rug will be pulled out from her during the finale?

No, because that's what happened with Nicole. At this point in our season last year she was just knocking out everything. So, no. Obviously she's got the scores and she has the votes by her fans to keep her in.

Plus, they have to do a triumphant "(I've Had the) Time of My Life" dance next week, right?

I think they're going to have to. You've got to be kidding me! If we have four routines that they have to do, they've got to throw in something. Give us a little bit of "(I've Had the) Time of My Life." Are you kidding me?!

Um, after this season, we deserve to see that routine.

We deserve it! [Laughs.]

How did you feel about your man Kyle Massey's work this week?

I thought he was phenomenal. I loved it. The "bionic booty" was one of the greatest lines in the world. If I ever got that title, I think I'd be happy with my life. He was wonderful. I think what I enjoy even more about him, and the judges said it perfectly, there's just no drama with him. His packages are always hysterical. It's so cute about him -- when they're waiting for scores or he's talking with Brooke, he just has this precious smile on his face and a funny laugh. I was talking to Niecy Nash last night after the show, and I was telling her the other reason I think I like him because he's so loud and doesn't realize it. And that's exactly how I am.

Before we descend into a real discussion about Brandy and Maks's elimination, let's talk about their dances. How'd you feel they did? You'll remember they scored a perfect 30 once.

I thought they did great. As always, they were very, very solid. The paso she did, she just showed that aggression and attitude. The paso is very angry, and I thought it was perfect. I just really, really enjoyed her paso a lot. With the Argentine Tango, I actually thought they had great luck because those are Maks's strongest dances that he choreographs. Those were my two favorite dances that I did with him. They also obviously got the encore, which was wonderful. I thought the judges did a great job scoring them. And she was really good. One thing she did great with this week was her emotions. She chilled out a bit, and she even referenced it when she was getting her scores. Now, I will tell you a little side note, my friend. Our little Movieline chat last week caused a big, big stir with Brandy's fans. I got some not-so-nice tweets about that.

Oh, God.

Oh, you have no idea! Brandy had to call off the hounds and tell everyone to just relax. It's kind of funny, because if you watched the show last night, Mark Ballas said the same exact thing I said in that pre-produced package. You can just tell how bad she wants it. Then they showed all these shots of her closing her eyes and being really intense. I never said that as a bad thing! That's too bad that people misinterpreted it. My whole thing is -- and I'm sure I'll get criticized again -- is I wanted her to enjoy the experience for what it is. It doesn't matter if you win the mirror ball trophy or not. It's about having the best experience and making the most out of the journey. But oh my goodness, I didn't know that was such a terrible thing to say. And now I'm getting blamed for her losing as well! I appreciated her performance this week. I thought she did a very good job and was really relatable to fans at home. I thought this was probably the most real we saw her throughout the entire season.

Well, people would have to be idiots to blame you for Brandy's elimination. It's pretty obvious that Bristol has a big voting machine behind her, Kyle's become an underdog favorite, and that means a consistently solid competitor like Brandy is bound to fall through the cracks at the last moment.

And also, don't blame it on me -- I put my votes in! Give me a break! I saw Brandy and Maks on Good Morning America this morning and on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and they were saying, "People say 'I don't want that person to win,' and then they don't vote for the person they want to win.'" I went on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning and talked about Bristol, and they asked me, "Is there a conspiracy?" And I said, "No! She's just getting more votes! People are flooding the phone lines to vote for her!" At this point, all the negative publicity that she's getting -- all the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, "She shouldn't be there!", Rick and Kurt and Brandy were robbed! -- I think this has helped her. From my standpoint, I felt like after she did her first dance on Monday, she got some of the loudest applause in the ballroom. I feel like now, people just feel bad. Is it her fault that she's gone out there and done the best she can do? No. She knows she's not the best dancer. She said that. It's pretty obvious. But is it her fault that people are flooding the phone lines for her? No! In the end, what is she supposed to do? "I can't take all this negative criticism. I'm going to quit." No! What has she done wrong? I think there are a lot of people who feel bad for her, and they think, "You know what, I'm going to vote for her." I feel bad!

Your beloved Maks was eliminated. He has still never won the mirror ball trophy. How would you describe your feelings about what happened with him?

I'm heartbroken for Maks. Despite what Brandy's fans feel about me, I clearly thought they were going to win the whole thing. I said that the first time he had her. I even texted him that. "You've got it. You're going to win." As much as we say, "It's a TV show!" it's also part of his profession. You always want to be considered the best at your profession. I feel personally bad that I wasn't able to get him the mirror ball. You feel a little regret there as well. I'm very sad for Maks. He works so hard and does nothing but try to make his stars feel so comfortable and beautiful. He makes sure they feel prepared. Many times, these pro dancers do so much more than teach you a routine. They are your friend, and really, your best friend throughout the whole thing. For me, because I didn't know LA, Maks helped me get adjusted to a new area. He helped me with so much more than on the dance floor, and it sounds like from everything Brandy has said, like "I have a friend for life" -- he was the same way with her. In that respect, you know the work he put into this season. You just love that he's in it to win it. He has a lot of pride. I feel so bad.

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  • Sarah says:

    As soon as they announced that Brandy was going home and not Bristal, I told my husband, "I am not watching the show next season. This is a joke." We have watched the shoe for years and are calling it quits. Brandy is very talented and Bristol hardly has any passion on the dance floor. Bristol is only still on the show due to the right-winged radical Tea Party extremists (which mirror the Sons of Liberty from the 1700's) whoe idolize her politically-challenged mom; not becuase of her personal popularity or talent. What a sad and unfortunate reality.

  • SickofMadeUpTitles says:

    Society is so use to Hollywood's phoniness and the media manipulating them that they can't discern when a person is real and better yet has integrity. I tell you what, I rather loose while being good at something, then to win while being bad at it. That way, my integrity stays in tact and I keep my peace of mind. I know odd huh...go figure?
    Maks and Brandy were already Winners! There purpose for being on DWTS was served (figure it out). I believe it's time for Maks to move on from DWTS...there are GREATER things in store for him...and it's not just career wise

  • SickOfMadeUpTitles says:

    Really?! People thought Erin & Maks were dating??? I never thought that and don't believe it! FRIENDS, I can believe, but nothing more. Maks was doing his job as a professional dancer training a student to dance as he did with all his partners prior to Erin. And last season was SO about Chad giving Cheryl all the jewelry, shoes and handbags. I know as much as I love Maks' dancing, body, handsomeness and more importantly, his rare honesty...I watched last seaon to see what was going on with C&C!
    I'm not understanding the debate, Erin/Maks vs Brandy/Maks! There are SOME comparisons as far as how Maks trains his students, but even Maks has said that his friendship with Brandy was quicker and a lot closer than any other partner he's worked with in the past seasons of DWTS. He also said that THIS season his focus was strictly on Brandy. In fact, he has stated that (in SEVERAL interviews and blogs), just as much as Erin has implied in her blogs that Maks treats Brandy & her the same. Maks and Brandy's friendship seems to be, from what Maks has stated, on a more deeper, emotional and spiritual level. Afterall, the woman was not only there with & for him, but helped him thru his grandmother's death a month ago, and the breakdown he had last week, as he has also stated.
    As for who will win the DWTS Final: ABC set it up from the beginning for Jennifer to win. Her packages always showed her crying about being 50 and having ailments to get a few sympathy votes, but it actually turned a lot of people off. They also played off the whole Dirty Dancing movie and Patrick Swayze's death...but ummm, didn't Patrick say in his biography Jenn was difficult to work with? Anway, ABC knew Brandy would be Jenn's biggest competition so they started the campaign of having Brandy portrayed as having a bad attitude, her and Maks not getting along and her being a diva, to turn folks off from her. However, their mistake was putting Bristol the Pistol (heck of a nickname for a "teen advocate", which in the real world the title is "unwed teen mom")on the show to set a political tone. TRUST that will backfire, and Bristol will win! Poor Kyle, who by the way is a DISNEY star, is being used as a pawn!

  • Torris N says:

    Brandy is off the show and Erin is STILL being bitchy about her. Imagine that. Newsflash Erin, just because Mark co-signed the rude thing you said about Brandy doesn't make you right. It just makes both of you snotty and wrong. Maybe Mel B should've written a blog and inserted herself into Season 10 and made snarky comments about how desperate it was for you to say that being on the show gave you your life back after your stalking tragedy. Maybe then you'd understand why your flippant remarks pissed Brandy fans off.

  • Torris N says:

    Brandy is off the show and Erin is STILL being bitchy about her. Imagine that. Newsflash Erin, just because Mark co-signed the rude thing you said about Brandy doesn't make you right. It just makes both of you snotty and wrong. Maybe Mel B should've written a blog and inserted herself into Season 10 and made snarky comments about how desperate it was for you to say that being on the show gave you your life back after your stalking tragedy. Maybe then you'd understand why your flippant remarks pissed Brandy fans off.

  • Jireh says:

    Erin, while some of of what you have commented on is true, there is one problem, you keep going back to you and Maksim. Your season is over. One thing I admire about Brandy is despite being a very hard worker, she is a young woman of class. I have not heard her say one thing about you. If you are the woman for Maksim, so be it. But as a woman, if another woman is excellent, give her her KUDOS. You are great to look at but your enter beauty is ugly. Brandy is a class act!!

  • Aaron is absurd says:

    Aaron, Sir, this blog is filled to the hilt with backhanded compliments. I do not think it is neither appropriate nor gentlemanly for a man to speak of a lady--such as Brandy--with such malice. Shame on you, she has been nothing but kind and accommodating and this is how you repay her. I find it ironic that you failed to mention that it was indeed your Stans harassment of Brandy on twitter accompanied by your blog that was the catalyst to all the drama. You are appalling, victim my ass.

  • Tiffany M says:

    How nice of Brandy to ask her more extreme fans to not act foolish towards Erin. By the way, I missed the tweet where Erin asked the same of her more enthusiastic fans. You know, the ones who have been spewing hate at Brandy all season just for being Maks Season 11 partner. I wonder where that request from Erin disappeared to. Wait a second, SHE NEVER SENT IT. I LOVE how she mentions Brandy mentions all the nasty comments FROM Brandy fans but did not even peep about all the nastiness TO Brandy. Bravo, Erin. Sympathy effectively evoked.

  • Tina says:

    You noticed that too (about the friendship with Maks). Erin is a snarky little thing- she had to assert herself and could not stand to let others think Brandy could be closer to Maks than she was/is. Who asked for Erin's commentary/opinion anyway? I don't see why she is even involved when her season is over.

  • Tina says:

    You noticed that too (about the friendship with Maks). Erin is a snarky little thing- she had to assert herself and could not stand to let others think Brandy could be closer to Maks than she was/is. Who asked for Erin's commentary/opinion anyway? I don't see why she is even involved when her season is over.

  • KZ says:

    I so agree with you. Is it me or does have interview sound very insincere. Who is she too say who's too emotional and who's not? Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves. I really hope they gave Erin a case of chap stick for all the Palin butt kissing she did in this interview. Palin should not have been on the show in the first place, Palin looked as if she didn't want to be there. Reality show or not we have a sense of fair play - The American way is work hard and you will get ahead. Not only Brandy was robbed so where a good number of people who were voted off. If Erin thinks it's fair to have people vote 300 times, she has a twisted sense of sportsmanship. She also has SVD - selective visual disease. You mean she hasn't seen the nasty remarks made by her fans and B. Palin's fans about Brandy? It's also funny they have to mention who Bristol's mother is or else we won't know who she was. Yes Bristol should feel bad ... she was given a spot she didn't earn Bristol probably was all set up to win until ABC saw the poll on CNN that stated that if Bristol won it would negatively impact the show some 70% said that, now the truth is in the numbers. I'm sure there was no clause in the contract where it said even if you dance well, you are going to be sent home and that they would inflate Bristol's scores - she should have gotten 5's or lower. She was sleepwalking through the season, she had no stage presence basically she tends to blend in with her background. I don't like her mother but based on Bristol's actions I don't care for her very much either. I'm sick of the oh poor Bristol people, they can throw everyone else under the bus and when you tell the truth they are so wounded. If Bristol doesn't like people talking about her then she should stop running after the cameras. If the Palin family doesn't want anyone talking about their kids .... well they should stop putting them in the spotlight. I think Erin looks a little green and maybe she should really think before she opens her mouth. I have not heard of Brandy making one catty comment about Erin, but then again Brandy is a class act. But I understand Erin, when you stand too close to a star it has a way of out shinning dull things. It's funny I knew who Brandy was, I had to do an internet search to find out who Erin was.
    *I'm sorry for any typos.

  • KZ says:

    Ah Jim the political blog is down the street, if you would look this is about DWTS and if that's the case with the US falling apart why are you wasting your time posting on a blog about DWTS?

  • Kay says:

    I read, but never posted comments....but now, I simply HAVE TO!
    ...SHAME ON YOU ERIN!!! Most of the posters here are right to comment on your snarkiness. YOU may not even be aware of it, but trust me, it's GLARINGLY obvious you have something against Brandy by your blogs! And Brandy was nothing but gracious to you...even coming into the audience to hug you on camera after her TANGO w/Maks!
    ...I actually was a fan of yours after your season with Maks, but your unjustified comments about Brandy's 'INTENSITY' was uncalled for! None of Maks former partners judged YOUR 'victimhood' and constant coyness about whether you were dating Maks last season...though you were SUPER ANNOYING!
    ...and though Brandy has received NASTY tweets and comments from YOUR fans, you don't see HER answering them back to stoke the fire or make a big deal about it, NOR DID I SEE YOOOOU 'calling off the hounds" LIKE BRANDY GRACIOUSLY DID FOR YOU!! Your backhanded compliments have ALSO not gone un-noticed!......saying that Brandy was 'more real' than she'd ever been in other DWTS episodes is not considered BITCHY on your planet, hmmm? Thats why some of Brandy's fans are pissed at you, STUPID!

  • Kay says:

    By the way......I always winced whenever TMZ did MULTIPLE stories about you being a MAJOR BITCH Erin.....but now, I actually tend to believe them!!...

  • Kay says:

    By the way, I always winced and felt bad whenever TMZ did MULTIPLE stories about how much of a BITCH you are, Erin.....but now, I TEND TO BELIEVE IT!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    No jealousy? Yeah right. That is why Erin unfollowed Maks on Twitter. I guess the GMA and Jimmy K. segments were too much for her to handle. Erin is girlfriend material and she has the perfect job because she talks too much. Don't have a coronary over the new photoshoot because DWTS is ONLY a TV show.

  • blazin says:

    Jealous much? If I were Maks I would stick with Brandy. She's beautiful, can actually dance, and isn't fake like you are. Also, if Maks was into you at all he has questionable taste. Erin - you look like a dude in drag. How's that for "truth serum" for you?

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