Confirmed: Beavis, Butt-head and Music Videos Returning to MTV

BeavisButthead225.jpgInstead of reviving the brainless cast of The Hills for another disappointing season, MTV has decided to go highbrow... by resurrecting Beavis and Butt-head. As obnoxious as the 90s duo was (and will no doubt continue to be), I think we can all agree that the network's programming decision is a positive one. Because let's face it: Comparing Beavis and Butt-head to The Hills is like comparing Masterpiece Theatre to...The Hills.

The New York Post confirmed the story that was first reported by REVIEWniverse last week:

The new series would keep Beavis and Butt-head in their perpetual high-school state, but it would be updated so that the pals -- who obsessively watch music videos on a battered TV set -- could lob their snarky comments at more current targets like Lady Gaga.

But MTV also has an ulterior motive for the boys' re-introduction:

The return of Beavis and Butt-head will be a backdoor means for MTV to return to showing music videos -- something the network was founded upon but abandoned in the last decade to make room for popular reality shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills and Jersey Shore.

While MTV has confirmed that the show's creator, Mike Judge, will be creating the new episodes, the King of the Hill creator is not yet commenting on the project.

Now if only MTV could cancel The City and bring back Daria...

· They're back! Heh heh, it's 1995 all over again, dude [NYP]


  • BrockLanders says:

    How great would it be it the duo flipped to MTV and saw reality shows and they were like”dammit,where the hell is the music”,then starting ripping on them………….that would be cool!!!!....................Now Bring back JACKASS!!!

  • eric curtis says:

    This is gona be cool !

  • christian curtis says:

    i am the great cornholio i need tp for my bunghole ! heh would you like to see my bunghole

  • lee says:

    tim check this out president obama has nothing to do with bevis and butthead. second when you talk about president obama abandon our country s values where the hell were you when your republican friend bush was in office for the last eight years the so called partyof less gov low taxes u guys are full of shit what you need to worry about is your racist friends in that wack ass tea party. if u r going to talk about bevis and butthead stick with bevis and butthead there is no place for your ignorance here watch your mouth

  • Henrietta says:

    I think Amanda was being sarcastic since at one time MTV WAS about MUSIC TV and moved away from that format. Finally, an intelligent decision on programming! I hope that in addition to B&B they also SHOWCASE REAL TALENT that doesn't need to lipsync or read telepromptors. Otherwise, it will just be old videos. Keep the M in MTV!

  • joe says:

    You shut up you Obama loving bitch

  • Charley McMullen says:

    The beauty of Beavis & Butt-Head was that Mike Judge -in his infinite genius- was subtly satirizing the same demographic that was watching the show to begin with. I know, because I was in junior high when the show debuted and I was every bit of a moronic id as Beavis or Butt-Head themselves were. For those paying attention, Judge was Trojan Horsing a reality check to his viewers, cautioning us to manage our base impulses and strive to be smarter, jest we end up like Beavis & Butt-Head. Of course, that was in the 90s. In it's abscense, the current generation has not had the benefit of that daily dose of ego checking and now they've devolved into even stupider super-egos living life solely for the sake of material gratification and shameless attention-whoring. You'd be inclined to agree if you've actually seen the very reality shows that have warped MTV for the past decade, taking away from young people the very show that could have saved them. The current generation of kids NEED Beavis & Butt-Head more than they realize. And now, at the age of 30, so do I.

  • jorge says:

    as long as the show doesnt get ruined im down for a new season. mike judge, you better know what your doing.

  • Brooke says:

    ahhh i can not wait for these guys to come back...does anyone know the exact date their suppose to start airing if only with the bringing back of beavis & butt-head, the music would change back to how it was in the 90s