25 Things to Hate About Ryan, The Real World's Worst Cast Member

ryanrealworld225.jpgThe Real World used to cast a bunch of slightly mismatched young adults with obvious ideological and cultural differences, but for the past seven years (give or take), they've chosen six archetypes and one totally toxic center. We had Ayiiia in Cancun, Paula in Key West, and now in Back to New Orleans we have Ryan Leslie, a Tempe, Arizona hairstylist who flits, fumes, and remarks about a female castmate's miniskirt, "You're just asking to get raped." Yep, a charmer on all fronts. And there's 25 more bullets where that came from -- just from last night's premiere! Can you name them? Ready? Go!

1. Purity ring

2. Asymmetrical don't-care hair bleached to perfection

3. Arrives on a skateboard

4. Huffs at everything, can't believe what you just said

5. Isn't gay, you guys

6. Is probably just a member of 3OH!3

7. Is a hybrid of all three dudes from Million Dollar Listing

8. H8s gay people -- or just when they touch him

9. Saves girls who are drunk by yelling at them

10. Calls you trailer trash, waits for you to get angry, and then says, "Let's settle this RIGHT NOW."

11. Can't room with a guy

12. Interrupts a cast member who opens up about a painkiller addiction by claiming that he used to "pop Xanax because my girlfriend used to make me so mad."

13. Ends conversations by saying, "Yeah, let's do it."

14. Aaron Carter face

15. Criss Angel soul

16. Can't believe you made a stupid joke about the bleach in his hair

17. Can't believe you introduced yourself by your last name when that's the name you go by

18. Can't believe you can't understand him

19. Said: "When people say something ignorant, I call them out in a second."

20. Can't be around polite Ryan Knight from Wisconsin because he is a "meathead."

21. Wipes a gay kiss off his neck like it's a locust (after accepting a drink and flirtation from the guy)

22. Insists on "pounding it"

23. Mocks you when you "pound it" weird

24. Says the word "Situation," which you can't do on Real World anymore

25. Covers up a lie about where he wants to sleep by saying, "I'm just keeping it real."


  • Noelle Morrone says:

    do u know how many people in the world are like ryan? ...some worse! why does he get called out when there are thousands of people in the world like him..sure he annoys the rest of the cast...but once again...alot of ppl in the world are burdened with dealing with ppl like him...in all reality...miley cyrus being herself is still worse than ryan.......jusss sayin...i happen to think ryan just different...and because of that you ppl call him a freak..shush!

  • BlowdryerLover says:

    Omg he is so lame. Seriously, was he just trying to be the gay version of puck?

  • Tomee Alley says:

    It's just so sad that he lives in this fantasy world where he thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. When in actuality, he's just turd. I'd really like to punch this kid in his fat nose, but he's such a bit#@ that I'd slap him instead. Fly away w/ those big ass ears of yours Dumbo!

  • jo says:

    haha omg I was just reading Ryan's twitter and he name drops Chad from MILLION DOLLAR LISTING! I was just thinking how freaking perfect that is. Two gay dudes that pretend to be straight and have serious OCD.

  • Clara says:

    I hate this kid with a fuckin passion. I had classes with him in junior high and he was an asshole. Big bully. I literally dreaded going to school because of him. He needs to get his asshole pounded in and be thrown in front of a bus. I think he's secretly gay. Usually the men who are the biggest homophobes are.