Movieline Attempts to Tie Up Almost 100 of Lost's 'Loose Ends'

After the Lost finale aired, some people complained that there are still dozens of questions left unanswered -- but is that really true? Sure, there are still a few loose threads left hanging, but I'd argue that the bulk of the questions people have are either answerable or can be strongly guessed at based on the information the show has already given us.

To put my theory to the test, I decided to rebut a popular video compiled today by College Humor that lists nearly 100 outstanding questions that Lost has left us with. How many could I answer, and how many were legitimate loose ends? Let's find out.

Why did the monster kill the pilot?

Because he's an angry smoke monster who often kills people who come to the island, as long as they're not candidates.

What did Locke see when he first saw the smoke?

Smoke, I'm guessing?

What's with the polar bear in Walt's comic?

It...was a polar bear in Walt's comic. Would you like to know who published it, or...?

Where's Christian Shepherd's body if it's not in the casket?

On the island somewhere, presumably.

Why did the psychic say that Claire had to fly on Oceanic 815, and why did he insist that her son had to be raised by Claire?

It's open to interpretation. In one of Eko's flashbacks, the psychic seemed to be a bit of a fraud, but if you subscribe to what he's saying, it still makes some sense. It was Claire's destiny to be on that flight, as she was a Candidate (albeit one who was eventually crossed-out...maybe Jacob was more interested in her before she got pregnant). As for why Claire had to raise Aaron, look how many people tried to kidnap that baby! And look what happened to poor Claire when she had to go without Aaron. Her hair was terrible.

Why did the Others want Walt so badly?

The Others kidnapped children, since they were unable to reproduce. Walt was a child. Ergo, Walt was kidnapped.

Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital?

Some dude? I mean, do we really care?

How does Walt know about the hatch and why does he warn Locke not to open it?

Walt had some special psychic powers, so he learned about the hatch by picking it up from Locke. As for why he didn't want it opened...well, a lot of bad shit went down in that hatch. Like, Walt's dad shot some people and stuff. It wasn't all fun and Mama Cass records.

Why does the smoke monster make mechanical sounds?

Because it's cool.

How is Walt able to apparate before Shannon?

Special powers.

How did Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer?

Probably got on one of the Others' computers, checked his email, played a few rounds of Words with Friends, and still had a little time left over to tool around a bit.

What is the deal with Kate and that horse?

I mean, it's an island with polar bears and zoo animals. A black horse may hold special resonance for Kate, but can't it just be a black horse? We've seen people riding horses on the island before.

Why are supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge, and by who?

All right, we finally have our first really legitimate unanswered question. I wouldn't mind knowing the answer, either.

What triggered the lockdown, and why on earth would anyone trigger it so that during the lockdown, black lights would go on?

The food drop triggered the lockdown. As for black lights, who doesn't love those?

What happened to the original Henry Gale?

Ballooned to the island, then died. I mean, it could have been interesting to know more about him, but what more did we really need to know? He was a red herring for the Ben story.

What happened to the original timeline Libby in the mental hospital?

Unanswered question #2.

Who built the four-toed statue?

We can intuit that among the people who crashed on the island were Egyptians, just to go by their hieroglyphics and Tawaret statue-building. Did we actually need to see them in a flashback, peering over blueprints and sweating on ladders? I didn't, but your mileage may vary.

Why does only one specific bearing get you off the island?

Because it's a hidden, magical island, and it just does?

What are the hieroglyphics on the Swan countdown timer about?

An homage to the Egyptians who used to live on the island and tagged hieroglyphics all over the place?

Why did Tom feel the need to wear a fake beard?

To fool the Oceanic survivors into thinking that the Others were simply a primitive tribe of other castaways, not a technology-possessing race tapped into the mysticism of the island.

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  • miqui says:

    Ray guns now exist, we just havent gotten them quite Start Trek powerful. :-) battery pack 1400 joule is nothing to sneeze at though.

  • Paul says:

    Ridiculous. Half of your answers are "A wizard did it." Let's just accept that the show was a whole mess of bull by people who teased us for six years without having any idea what they were doing. If you're breaking the rules of science and reality, that's fine in a sci-fi show, but you can't just say it's "just 'cuz." The finale was a HUGE disservice to its loyal fans--and saying it's "about the characters" is just a load of garbage. You don't read a murder mystery for the love story, you read it to find out who killed the butler. And this mystery was no better. Six years wasted.

  • Keamy says:

    Dude the producers said that the pregnancy issue was answered but it was not spoon fed. You can derive it from the story...Since they said this the bits and pieces of this question lie across the whole series.
    1) Richard said to Locke that the Others have missed the point of their purpose and they went on doing insignificant things under Ben, like caring for the pregnancy issues(Season 3?)
    2) Our Losties did create the incident. In Richard's POV those were the people that created it. The bomb vs the electromagnetic energy created some instabilities on the island and one of those instabilities were the pregnancy issues(Season5).
    3) In the hatch there were vaccines. It might be that Desmond's partner knew that the incident's after effect wore off, but he wanted Desmond contained. So he tricked him that there was STILL an effect outside the hatch and so the vaccine was needed(at the time it was not, but it is crystal clear the Radzinsky knew what he was doing and using the vaccines was a must in his time)(Season 2).
    4) Horace's wife gave birth to Ethan. So at that time and before that, women didn't have any problem with pregnancy issues. Telling them to give birth outside the island does not say there were problems. It was just healthier for a kid to be born in the real world.
    What do you derive from all these? That the incident created the pregnancy issues. And so the woman who were brought to the island to find a solution for these issues was the creator of these issues. Funny isn't it? And so the producers knew exactly where they were heading with this one.

  • Keamy says:

    Really?? Is this your big question?? Ben knew Locke's past. Ben didn't want Locke to become leader. Seeing that he was slowly losing his leadership to Locke, he found an idea...he brought the man who shows Locke's real self(a pathetic little man), his father. So he asks him to kill this man to prove his worth as a leader to the others. Ben knows exactly that Locke doesn't have the guts to kill his father, so this will show to the Others that he is not worthy of being their leader.
    Richard, who is convinced that Locke is their true leader(through the Smoke Monster's trickery), brings Ford's file to Locke to read it. Locke discovers that Ford will eat his father alive if he finds out who he really is. And so he takes him to Ford and Ford kills him...How easy was that?
    There is no magic box. It was just Ben's plan.

  • jon booth says:

    the people shooting at sawyer, juliet & the others while they were jumping through time wasn't necessarily answered, but there could be a good explanation....after the ajira flight went down & landed on hydra island, notice the boats that were taken back to the main island, by locke, sun, ben & the shadow order group thingy...these are the same boats that our crew grabs off the shore of the main island (where the shadow crew went)....this is proved by the ajira water bottle that sawyer finds inside the boat before they take i think it's safe to say that the people shooting were the shadow order, since they knew that sawyer was with locke in their time, seeing his wonderful mane probably got them insane with jealousy, & they had to let a few go....but seriously, this jump was obviously a near-future jump, & they were being shot at by the shadow crew

  • John Chow is definitely my idol, i think that guy is extra-ordinary. he is really talented**

  • veewitch says:

    Jack wasn't on Jacob's list (the list that Ben had, of people meant to join the Others) because that was not a list of the candidates. Ghost Horace appeared to Locke in a dream, so he wasn't Smokey. If Ben had only been in contact with Smokey, and not really Jacob, how is it that when Ben couldn't get Hurley to return to the Island, Jacob came and talked to Hurley himself ? Only makes sense if Ben called Richard, and Richard went to Jacob.

  • Barney Shers says:

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  • onlinebroker says:

    Here is a fun Question: Why is it presumed that Jacob is the good guy? He seems to cause alot of death and destruction and is the reason that smokie exists in the first place. Sounds worse than "evil incarnate" to me.

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