5 Auctioned Lost Props You Need -- and 5 You Don't

Lost may be going off the air in a little more than a week, but this summer, you can own a piece of the action. Hollywood memorabilia auctioneer Profiles in History will be auctioning off many of the most major props, costumes and set pieces from the show, and after taking a look at what's on the block, we've found 5 props you may want to bid on -- and 5 that aren't worth the dough.



Charlie's "DS" Ring

If you still miss Claire's beloved "Chah-lie," what better way to pay tribute than by donning the family ring that inspired the name of his band, Drive Shaft? Last we saw, Charlie had left this ring for Claire to find, but instead, Sun picked it up and probably used it in her role-playing sexcapades with Lapidus or something.


Hurley's Winning Mega Lotto Jackpot Ticket

It may not be lucky (those damn numbers!), but there are few props more recognizably iconographic of Lost than Hurley's winning lottery ticket. You'll need this for when Cheech Marin comes calling.


Eko's Signature Staff with Bible Scripture Carvings

Everyone loves Mr. Eko, even if Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje didn't love Hawaii. His early exit meant a swift death for the character, and that makes his "Jesus stick" all the more precious for its comparative rarity.


Sawyer's Letter

Yep, it's the iconic revenge letter that young James Ford wrote at age 8, eventually transforming him into the hardened, nickname-spouting semi-criminal we know and love today. Bonus: a closer look at his unusually precise, pre-teen penmanship!


Jin's Wedding Ring

I know, I know: another ring? But this prop takes on new resonance after Jin and Sun's double drowning, especially the inscription, which reads "We will never be apart" in Korean. Too bad their baby didn't get one of those!

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  • Victor Ward says:

    I'm not sure if it's for sale, but I WANT JACK'S APPENDIX!

  • casting couch says:

    What about the Golden Light Donkey Wheel?

  • Old No.7 says:

    I'd like to buy the explanation that makes sense of all this shit.

  • Four Toed says:

    I thought that Sawyer's letter was stolen by Evangeline Lily and was lost when her house burned down.

  • I think they could make some serious money from selling a big 3D question mark with LOST letters written underneath it. That signifies what everyone is thinking when watching the show and the hundreds of questions that will be left unanswered at the shows end. You could send it to your friends who love Lost just to mock them.

  • The ring? Are you kidding? It'll cost a fortune, and just when you have the precious ring securely in your hand, some do-gooder Hobbit will swipe it and try to destroy it.