Will Someone Stop Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Before She Strikes Again?


Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson is my constant, in that whenever she is in the news, it is for humiliating one of her clients under the guise of self-improvement. Anderson is already well-known for turning Madonna into a befuddled, sinewy scarecrow, and for giving Gwyneth Paltrow a body-dysmorphic diet-and-exercise obsession that clearly necessitates an intervention. Still, what she's done to Jennifer Aniston may be her worst crime yet.

I think we can all agree that Aniston is humiliated enough in the strangely ravenous press, yes-no? This Huffington Post headline is probably not going to help matters:


Why yes, a 41-year-old celebrity is paying her personal trainer to make her eat baby food. Then again, Anderson has a habit of making people do things they should never do in their right minds. Gwyneth Paltrow, a perfectly fine-looking person, is somehow convinced she has a "batwing" problem with her nonexistent upper arms and thus Anderson has forced her to drink kale juice and do incredibly awful exercise, constantly, which she then must upload to YouTube:

Frankly, I am surprised that Anderson let Paltrow disable comments on that one, since public humiliation seems to be a key calorie-burning cornerstone of her weight-loss program.

No but seriously, woman be crazy! She invents nose-breaking gym equipment! She steals gym equipment and lies about her credits! She has a chimney sweep in her entourage (already weird enough) and was jailed for failure to pay said sweep! And yet she makes mega-millions to be famous women's exercise svengali, even though her approach could best be designed as "see whether these celebrities will do the absolute worst, most tortuous and embarrassing thing I can come up with, then pay me for the privilege."

I am telling you, it is only a matter of time before Madonna and Gwyneth and Jennifer Aniston are sewn together in a human centipede for what Tracy Anderson alleges to be "the best possible way to eliminate those cottage cheese thighs." And then Magwyfer (as the 'pede will be known) will have to give some glowing quotes about it to Us Weekly. Stop this woman now, before her diabolical plan comes to fruition!


  • Sacha says:

    The fact of the matter is if you haven't tried her programme you're not in a position to criticise it.  I personally have tried parts of her method and without doubt I can say it does work.  It may not all be for me, I refuse to survive on a liquid diet and I'm not overly keen on her cardio.  I can do it but space is an issue so I do other things for cardio.  Her muscular structure work however is 100% effective and even though I will never look like Tracy as my body type is more Marilyn Monroe than Tracy Anderson, I am content with the fact that at 38 years old I have a flat stomach, toned thighs free of cellulite and my arms are tighter than they've been for years.  It's extremely hard work but worth it.  I certainly do not starve myself and eat a healthy diet, however if I fancy a piece of chocolate or a muffin, I have it. I'm on the Metomrphosis programme so do 30 mins of toning 6 times a week and I try to fit in 30 mins of cardio 4 times a week.  I do not consider this to be excessive. I work at least 50 hours a week so have a job to hold down and still manage to put in the time, tired or not.  It's about choice. Every method has its benefits but they're all different.  If Tracy's isn't for you, just don't do it.  There really isn't any need to be so mean about her though.  Half of you probably don't even know her so just leave her to do what she does.  No one is forcing you to participate.

    • haha says:



    • Brandon says:

      YOU ARE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Tracy Anderson is the bane of the fitness industry. The industry professionals who have studied the science of the human body and stay abreast of the latest research hate her and what she does to the industry as well as her clients. Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that she already has osteopenia (the disease leading to osteoporosis). This wouldn't be a big deal if she were in her 70's but she was only 38 when diagnosed.

      • Carol says:

        Osteopenia is NOT the disease leading to osteoporosis. U might wanna research that a bit more, Dear.

        • Dont argue with me carol. Go back to days of our lives, DEAR. says:

          Hey carol, I think what the poster meant was that oftentimes, women who have osteopenia develop, or are much more likely to develop, osteoporosis sometime down the road. Split hairs much, cunt?

    • Hayley says:

      Hi Sacha, I saw Tracey's program on the tv and it is the first time I have nearly been sucked into purchasing something from an infomerical. But then I jumped on the internet and there are so many different opinions its overwhelming really. I read on another site that they did three hours of exercise on this program, but here I see you have mixed it up in 30 minute intervals, which sounds like exactly what I am after. Have you just tailored the program to meet your needs or is that how the metamorphosis program has been sent to you? Watching the video above has also given me a look at the workout. It does look like something i have never seen before...

    • Diesel Dread says:

      Teach lots of Zumba, do cross fit, use herbslife 24 and EAT LOTS!!! Simples! I am 43 years old and currently growing baby number 4 but normally weigh in at around 12st with 18% body fat on the tanita scale and I can honestly say that this Anderson freak is not only a dangerous radgie but also completely full of shite when she whitters on about muscle 'not aging well'. I am in better nick and far more confident than I was in my 20s!

  • Ariana says:

    I personally (and I'm sure many others will agree) believe that you have no right to criticize Tracey Anderson and her guidelines to fitness. There are a thousand different ways to become healthy and satisfied with your body. Tracey has done years of research on how to tone your body quickly and efficiently. She even gives options such as Omnicentric (me), Abcentric, Hipcentric and Glutecentric. Within a week I could feel my muscles tightening along with my cottage cheese legs smoothing out, even without following the food plan. Just because YOU don't agree with the way she succeeds and helps others, doesn't mean she needs to be banned from physical training. If you really have a problem with the way she "humiliated" a few celebrities, then i suggest approaching the situation differently and talking to Tracey one on one ;) Also, I'm not positive but I assume that "weird chimney" is to turn up the heat and make the exercise a bit more challenging. That "incredibly awful" exercise you mentioned in your blog, isn't half as bad as you make it out to be. It is challenging, I'm not gonna lie, but it works so well for me and many others. Gwyneth payed Tracey to physically train her and push her to achieve her own set goals. That is not a crime and Tracey should not be put on blast for helping Gwyneth better her life, mind, body and soul.

  • Gina Reyes says:

    It doesn't matter what other say about Tracy Anderson. To me, her method works and really motivates me. I think motivation is the key word, she gives us motivation which allows us to follow the exercise regime. Once you trigger this motvation, it leads to curiosity and challenge to achieve your goal. Tracy not only shows us how to diet and exercise but she somehow points us to a direction where we would appreciate and enjoy life along with healthy diet and exercise.

    • sarah says:

      I am a 44 year old mother of three boys and have always been in shape. I wanted to become more tight and toned and decided to give Tracy's work-outs a try. Now a year later i have her dance cardio the method and the perfect design series. I LOVE them all because they are tough and extremely effective. I have the best body i have ever had thanks to Tracy! You have to put in the time and effort but it totally pays off, the proof is in the mirror!

  • Doyle says:

    Honestly, What does a male writer really know about women's health, or women's body issues?
    Kyle, are you trying to tell us something about yourself?

  • Kelly says:

    I am a trained, female, personal trainer.

    Her workout methods may work, in-fact jumping around and calling what she does "dance"... will work just like step aerobics does. HOWEVER, she has been quoted saying to skip meals, only eat salads with lemon, and to survive for months off of juice or baby food. Her other absurd dieting tips will not only cause malnutrition in her clients, but as the article states above, osteoporosis, heart disease, and an over all poor self image.

    Women who have real weight to lose, not Gwyneth or Madonna, will most likely lose weight in the beginning but starving yourself slows your metabolism and tends to cause binge eating.

    No one who is in a position of health and fitness in the public eye should be allowed to spew such bull/dangerous information about diet and nutrition. Although, she can publicly be OK with her own anorexia, she should NOT be training her clients to live that lifestyle.

  • Candice says:

    I cant believe the type of bullshit that has been written in this article about Tracy. She is an amazing woman changing the lives of millions and just because she helps people achieve nice toned bodies doesn't mean she deserves to be trashed by some no body blogger who cant be bothered getting of the couch to exercise. She is not forcing her clients to lose weight and exercise they are doing that by their own will so i don't see why she is being blamed. I have tried Tracy's program and it works wonders to a woman's body. She has carefully designed it to suit the life of any busy woman. Adding to that she is not anorexic she is toned and defined. People can say what they want about her but that dosent make them any better.
    My main point is that people should not be judging her by how she does things and portraying her to the public eye as a villain spreading her evil throughout the world.

  • Sheldeen Morales says:

    her dieting tips are not great, but her workout method is smart. she really does attack the muscles that we would otherwise ignore. she prevents bulk and creates long lean bodies.

    • Kori says:

      You do realize that diet is huge part of a successful exercise routine. Bad diet = poor results even with exercise. Muscles need proper nutrition in order to develop. So terrible nutrition advice IS terrible workout advice. "Great bodies start in the kitchen" is common phrase among athletes for a reason.

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    • alice says:

      Yeah I just started the Tracy Anderson method and already see amazing definition after two weeks. I'll never do the diet though. I workout to enjoy my food with no repercussions... I've already seen great changes without restricting my diet. It definitely helped my thighs and arms.

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  • Diesel Dread says:

    Nail on the head! Of course anyone who follows her insane plan will lose weight, but I guarantee it will not be fat loss... LMAO @ human centipede! She do not like human beings bwahahahaha 😈

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