23 Questions About Lost Episode 614, "The Candidate," Answered!

Previously on Lost: Jack gets on a boat with Sawyer. Then Jack changes his mind about being on a boat with Sawyer, and throws himself overboard. Jin sees photos of his baby in a digital camera. Jin and Sun are reunited! Then Frank Lapidus says, "Look who can speak English again, just in case you forgot that Sun couldn't speak English for a while, due to that bumping her noggin," while shaking his head in amused disbelief. John Locke is tricked into giving a kidney to a mean old man. Then Locke is thrown through a window, paralyzing him upon impact with the ground. Sayid is shot in the stomach, killing him. Then Sayid is resurrected.

Now that we're all caught up after an interminably tense hiatus week (why do you torture us so, ABC?) let's get down to the important business of Answering another round of Questions about last night's episode of Lost.

Did you hear that ABC just announced that the two-hour Lost series finale is now a two-and-a-half-hour series finale?

We did! It's a two-and-a-half-hour series finale Loststravaganza!™ With an extra 30 minutes, maybe they'll throw in a couple of bonus answers. Or maybe it'll just be a half-hour-long montage of the Oceanic 815 passengers, both living and dead, reuniting for one more of the slow-motion beach parties they so loved during their time on the island.

Would Flash-Sideways John Locke, recently hit by Desmond's car but pulled back from the brink of death by Dr. Jack Shepherd, like his legs back?

No thank you! He's quite content being in the wheelchair.

But didn't Locke hear Dr. Jack? He can fix him!

He said, "No thank you," sir! This wheelchair gets him around just fine. And serves as a constant reminder of the private plane crash (planes are so crashy!) that cost Locke his legs and his father -- a nice guy and not a craven kidney-grifter in the flash-sideways -- his lucidity. Got it, doc?

Do doctors actually say things like "I can fix you" to their patients?

They do if they've got God complexes brought about by excelling in the medical field just to please their demanding physician fathers. Look, it's an issue they haven't quite worked through, even in an alternate reality where things, at least for a while, seemed marginally better than the reality in which a plane crash stranded them on a magical island with a monster made of dirty smog.

Who would be a good choice to play the title role in Maverick Heart: The John McCain Story?

Funny you should ask! Kevin Tighe, Lost's Anthony Cooper, would be a fine choice.

Why was Sawyer so resistant to the idea of being put back in the polar bear cage with Kate? The last time they were in there, it was all yummy biscuits and torrid cage-sex.

Sawyer's heart belongs to Juliet now. Even if she's gone. You don't toss an engagement ring into the ocean and lose entire days weeping to Iggy and the Stooges records over someone whose memory you're willing to tarnish with another cheap roll in the polar-bear-hay.

What are the four names on Widmore's list?

Ford, Reyes, Shepherd, Kwon. Notice that Kate's not on it. SO HE DOESN'T CARE IF SHE LIVES OR DIES. [presses surprisingly wimpy pistol to her temple to reinforce his not-caring-about-her-living-or-dying-status]

Will a dentist violate a former patient's confidentiality for a hotshot spinal surgeon if he asks nicely?

Not right away! Especially if you flirted with his wife while he was using the airplane can. Dentists have long memories about guys who hit on their wives at 35,000 feet, bub. Remember that next time you need an illegal favor on behalf of a patient who refuses to let you "fix" him.

Why should Jack trust Smokey?

Because he could kill him and all of his friends and Jack couldn't do a thing to stop him. In fact, if he really felt like showing off, Smokey could travel back in time and kill Sawyer's precious girlfriend before she had a chance to detonate that a-bomb. But he doesn't. He just wants to save everybody! (So that he can pop the island's "cork," escape his eternal prison, and enslave/slaughter the entire world, but whatever.)

If Jack goes to see Locke's borderline catatonic father in the hospice, will Locke FINALLY agree to let Jack fix his damn legs?

Leave it alone, Dr. God! You saved his life, why isn't that enough for you?

When they wheeled out Locke's dad, how badly did you want somebody to inform us that he lost both kidneys in the plane accident?

Pretty badly. We crave flash-sideways poetic justice.

How touching was it when Sun gave Jin his wedding band back?

So sweet. Those two are going to live happily ever after, we just know they will!

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  • Citizen Bitch says:

    Hey another baby for Kate to steal! Or maybe we should give this one to Claire?

  • sosgemini says:

    Okay, so anyone else annoyed that this show has/is killing off all the minority characters? If Jack is the last one standing, I am about to cap someone's arse.

  • casting couch says:

    It should have been Kate trapped in the sinking sub.

  • stolidog says:

    ps. claire is an original castaway.

  • stolidog says:

    so, i could be wrong, but i believe that the last people standing are the people who interacted with each other in the LAX airport....with the exception of Hurley, who I don't recall interacting with any of them. My eight ball says Hurley's outlook is not so good in the coming episode.

  • Westsydegal says:

    Contrary to popular belief with folks, Frank Lapidus is not dead! And I have been a Frank fan from Day 1!

  • bierce says:

    If you've just ripped a crude digital watch from the wrist of a guy you killed, how long would it take you to wire it to some bricks of C4 you found and create a technologically sophisticated booby-trapped bomb that even Sayid couldn't disarm?
    Much less time than you would think, apparently.

  • ronachka says:

    what happened to Ben?? We last saw him joining Locke/smoke monster, they got attacked (when Locke/smoke monster saved Jack), Sayid said everyone else is dead, does that mean Ben is dead? Somehow, that doesn't seem dramatic enough for Ben's death

  • Mike says:

    I guess the end is truly here. With only three more episodes left, the producers have a lot of explaining to do. After scouring the internet for clues of what's to come and piecing together some logic from past seasons, I've tried to breakdown what I think will end up happening in the next few weeks - and it's a doozy. What other major characters will die (WHO's even left to kill off??)? I think some more that people will REALLY care about - not just Jin & Sun. Where will the show end? Like it's rumored, in hell? http://thesmogger.com/2010/04/30/lost-the-final-countdown/

  • Joseph says:

    Here's another question for you: if you spend a small fortune and bring a small army to an island to wage a war against a godlike smoke monster with many killing powers, and you use most of that fortune and most of that army erecting a sonic fence that is the ONLY THING capable of defeating said monster, wouldn't it be a good idea to make sure enough men are guarding the generator powering said fence that one man (like, say, Sayid) would not be able to waltz up and simply turn the switch to "Off"?

  • Susan says:

    @Ronachka - your memory is letting you down, but in fairness it's hard to recall all the camp-shifts these guys do 🙂 Ben isn't with Faucke, he's with Richard and Ilana looking for a way to destroy the plane.
    I can't help but think Frank must still be alive somehow, just because with the sub destroyed, if Frank's not here to fly the plane then it's already a foregone conclusion that nobody is leaving the island. Doesn't seem like something they'd do with a few episodes still to go.

  • JR says:

    Hurley interacted with Sawyer on the plane...they were discussing him being the luckiest person alive, for having just won millions of dollars.

  • JR says:

    @Susan Ilana is dead...she blew herself up with the sticks of dynamite from the Black Rock, before Hurley destroyed it.

  • JR says:

    Sayid is Lost's equivalent to Jack Bauer. If you watched Monday night's episode of 24, you'd have known that Jack took out four Russian operatives singlehandedly, in a crowded department store in New York. Thus, Sayid would be able to do the same thing in a dark jungle.

  • Elly Rasole says:

    There's nothing like the rush when you drop in your fresh crate engine and turn it over for the first time. Better than smoky bacon.