Movieline's 13 Best Quotes from the Project Runway Castoffs We've Interviewed

Project Runway's seventh season concludes tonight -- so who's going home with $100,000, a bunch of new computers, and a mentorship with a condescending agency? Before we find out if Seth Aaron, Emilio, or Mila is the winner of Project Runway, Movieline is revisiting its interviews with all of the eliminated designers. After the jump, we select the best quote from each of our Q&As with the auf'd artists.


Christiane King on defending herself against Michael Kors:

"I was really proud of my dress. I do a lot of partial draping, not entire draping that you see all over the place. That was one of Michael's criticisms, and I said, 'No, that's not me. What I do is partial draping, and I hope you like it.'"


Pamela Ptak, on being "too boring" for the show:

"It's kind of like having someone saying, 'Now, now, play nice' every five minutes, which is like, 'Please. Another Hermione Granger, great.' It's like, 'You're not playing right. You're not fun. Let's find somebody who's fun.' And I don't blame them. The producers know the back-and-forth [with the judges] is intriguing."


Jesus Estrada on Tim Gunn:

"I don't know if you saw, but I never actually listened to Tim Gunn. It was one of those things where -- I mean, I was a fan of Project Runway once, you know? It's one of those things where every time I saw someone talking to Tim Gunn, they ending up going home. I wanted to design what I wanted to design; I didn't want anyone else to tell me what to design. Actually, I was shocked, because Tim had mentioned that my dress was nice."


Ping Wu, on her hostile partnership with Jesse Lenoir:

"It is true -- it was very shocking working with someone like Jesse. First of all, he is a professional actor. This factor I did not pay attention to until much later. I personally think he is so much -- craving for personal attention or screentime in front of the camera. You know, I think his behavior was -- I mean, what you saw on the screen was not even 1% of what's truly going on. His worst behavior was completely cut off from the screen. I think that played a huge role -- he really made a soap opera out of nothing. We could have worked together and really utilized my vision of design rather than arguing with me constantly. This is the first factor. The second is, he's a straight man -- very young, 24 -- and I am a woman. This macho mentality plays some kind of role, for sure. Also, the third point is I think he's also very calculating of this game. Because he would've been safe regardless [during the challenge] because he's under me, by theory. So he can get out of notice by playing nasty. I don't know if he is truly that character, or if he just made a show. But in any case, he made me unable to function as Ping Wu."

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