Dancing with the Stars Bruno Tonioli Heart-Attack Meter: Movie Week

It's another week and another chance for Bruno Tonioli's chest to erupt in gory revolt. Welcome! Last night on Dancing with the Stars, the remaining contestants jived and quickstepped while Bruno clutched his whole body in ecstasy and waited for a ferret to fly out somewhere. To make matters more sensual, the sexy dancers performed to sexy music from famous sexy films. Bruno's torso and legs turned into an out-of-control pogostick! With eyes, feelings, and a hat! We gauge his crazed reactions and heart-attack moments from all eight dances after the jump.

Niecy Nash

Movie Theme: La Bamba

Dance: Jive

Official Score: 18

Tonioli Heart-Attack Meter: 4

Comments: "You gave Len a kissy kiss? But what about spry bellboy Bruno?! Ring-a-ding for your trunk junk, ma'am? I'll take it upstairs and back down, if you please! (Darts tongue.) Yuh-HA! As for your jiggly parts, they moved like old folding chairs. Try again."

Chad Ochocinco

Movie Theme: The Jungle Book ("Bare Necessities")

Dance: Quickstep

Official Score: 18

Tonioli Heart-Attack Meter: 3

Comments: "Aha! A jungle book! Jungle fever, my good man. Give me it sometime! Unfortunately I go a little Baloo in the drawers on this one. You know? Your frame was like old Bagheera sat down to perish on Bruno's lap. And I am a whimsical jungle lad whose lap does its own jive! Rowr, says my lap! But not this time. No Disney magic in the pelvis. Grrrrrr."

Erin Andrews

Movie Theme: Pulp Fiction ("You Never Can Tell")

Dance: Jive

Official Score: 22

Tonioli Heart-Attack Meter: 7

Comments: "Ehhhh-ren. Goo-goo. Mama. It's your suckling infant Bruno. Give me the bazooms. Please? For your innocent, omnisexual toddler? Your timing was impeccable tonight! My heart jumped at Carrie Ann again and tried to trap her in her home linen closet. No one has to know. YOW-OW!"

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