The 5 Least Professional Moments from Last Night's Celebrity Apprentice

Knowing what's good for us, Celebrity Apprentice staged another challenge that suited the talents of Cyndi Lauper and Bret Michaels. Scrumptious. This time, the teams competed to revamp young country stars for a splashy debut. The three remaining gents (Bret Michaels, Curtis Stone, and team-leader Goldberg) wrastled with the image of Elvis/Gomer Pyle hybrid Luke Bryan while the ladies (Holly Robinson-Peete, our girl Summer Sanders, a convalescent Sharon Osbourne, Maria Kanellis and team-leader Cyndi) rebooted perky-young-thang Emily West. While the dudes took another beating in the boardroom, last night's five most unprofessional moments knew no gender gap.

5. Trump Calls Trace Adkins "One of the Biggest Country Stars on Earth" -- Trace and Holly Robinson-Peete Guffaw in Disbelief

Former Celebrity Apprentice contestant and current Mumbling Wiseacre Trace Adkins appeared as a mentor on this week's show. Trump introduced him as "one of the biggest country stars on Earth." Trace responded to that with a nervous head-shake. Holly Robinson-Peete laughed out loud. And Taylor Swift and Keith Urban sat at home, called girlfriends, and cried.

4. Bret Michaels Insists on Dressing Young Rock Ingenue Exactly Like Old Rock Artifact Bret Michaels

Luke Bryan's style can best be described as "smiles a lot." Bret Michaels didn't understand, choosing to outfit Luke in velvet shirts and chain necklaces. Oh, Bret, that style says "I date people named 'Rodeo'," not "smiles a lot." Love you forever though.

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  • Leah says:

    Goldberg was fired because he didn't act like a leader. If you came into the show after leaders were announced you would have thought Bret was the leader and the thing is, Goldberg wanted him to act that way. The men's team lost because Luke Bryan doesn't know how to be interviewed and because he was not willing to go outside of his comfort zone. If the women had Luke they would have lost, too. A makeover makes someone over. They are to change the way they look. Luke Bryant kept saying no to everything that wasn't already him. That's not a makeover. That's just putting new clothes on him. Bret Michaels went with Curtis Stone's clothes and made Luke over the only way he knew how. Wait, that's wrong. Goldberg was the one who should have been in charge. But, he didn't even try to be! That's why he was fired.

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    Goldberg was fired for no other reasons than the producers' strategy for retaining viewers. C'mon people, this is show biz "magic" we are talking about here, not the freaking Olympics.

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