Project Runway Recap: Cirque du So Gay

Send in the clownish final challenge! Project Runway became annoyed with its restrained workroom dramas last night and defibrillated itself with 1,000 CCs of peanuts 'n P.T. Barnum 'n pettiness. Read: This episode is a triumph! After the jump, let's rip and romance the episode that may have been The Greatest Show On Earth for all of season seven.

After Mila pretends she's shocked to make it to the final five, Heidi introduces today's challenge with more "subtle" hints that have baffled archaeologists for centuries.

The Challenge

"Hallo," Heidi tweets. "Just one challenge left before Bryant Park, which is in a tent. Forgive me. Did I say tent? This is the beginning of a clue. You're going to be heading to a tent right now. But a different tent! It's not the same tent. But it is a tent. I want to establish that I was speaking of two different tents. In the second tent I mentioned, you might visit it when you want to see a... large spectacle... in a tent. A circus-like spectacle, if you will. Tim will now take you to a circus. Baaaaaaai."

Seth Aaron can't wait to finally visit the Empire State Building and is excited for the challenge. Once the quintet of remaining designers arrive at Ringling Brothers, we forget to gauge his disappointment as Tim points out the prompt: The designers must construct a high-end look inspired by the circus. After Tim steps aside, a visual feast emerges onstage as clowns, strong-men, acrobats, fire-eaters, those freaks on the gyro swings, and ringmasters emerge. Jay tells us he can't stop staring at the bare, beautiful torsos of strong-men. Oh, Jay. It's far too late to be the likable homosexual now. Please keep the Flying Wallenda in your trousers.


The Workroom

Emilio, who has won the last three challenges, knows the only circus-y crap he cares about is stripes and polka dots. Comin' right up. He's going to serve stripes and polka dots like Salisbury steak and tater tots, and you're going to eat it, like it, and keep it down during sixth-period Jazz Band. Mila -- who's constructed more than her share of striped Big Top blazers in her time -- wants to create an homage to larger-than-life ringmasters. So does Seth Aaron. So does Jay. Anthony gets vertigo from the seriously messed-up acrobat and uses her a muse.

When Tim comes roll-stepping in with words of vast gay disapproval, we all cheer. He's gained his nerve back!

"A top hat, Seth Aaron?" says Tim. "Shut up."

"Hmm, a stretchy violet fabric," Tim opines to Anthony. "Is the whole dress made out of this? I see. It is. Um. Don't do that, you idiot? Yes, that's it. Carry on."

"Jay!" Tim clamors. "You're the 'bad bitch,' eh? This jacket is looking a little costumey. The 'bad bitch' may just be Tina Knowles. I'm seeing shoulder pads and sparkles, Jay. The level of Solange in this room is starting to fester."

"Mila!" Tim calls. "You went with a coat. So did Seth Aaron. You know Seth Aaron can really make coats, right? I've seen it. I'll turn away, but I want to hear you hit yourself."

"Emilio..." Tim murmurs. "I'm deeply afraid of you. Maybe you can add some color to this flowy number? Fine, fine, don't. You don't have to call me 'Lady George Washington' again. I can't help that I approach mannequins like I'm crossing the Delaware, Emilio, and you know it. Fine, I'm crying, I'll leave."

As for the runway, we have Heidi, Michael, Nina, and the diplomatic Cynthia Rowley in tow. Check out every competing dress next.

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  • Rexie says:

    Just wanted to tell you these recaps are so hilarious...truly a highlight of my Friday workday internet usage. Thanks for the laughs!