Late Night Highlights: Ricky Gervais Diagnoses Larry David and Tom Arnold Fights Evil Peeps

The most significant annual religious feast in the Christian year is upon us, and last night, the late-night hosts celebrated accordingly. Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Arnold fought off evil Peeps, Stephen Colbert resurrected a Peep crime and George Lopez asked streetwalkers offensive questions about Bibles "in their sacks." The best of those segments, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while crafting the perfect CBS April Fool's joke, after the jump.

5. A Peabody Award-Winning Conversation with Wanda Sykes

Craig Ferguson mentioned his show's latest award close to a hundred times during last night's show, even during his conversation with Wanda Sykes, who stopped to talk about her big-headed son and why paparazzi avoid black celebrities.

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  • Joan says:

    How ridiculous, "mentioned about a hundred times"! Not at all, he should mention it as he is the most under-rated as well as the most talented of the late-night hosts. His show is unique and unlike any of the others which tend to stick to the same format ad infinitum.
    His is the only show to exhibit some intelligence and originality. Go Craig! You deserve it! Hope the award will bring you all the notice you are currently denied.