Late Night Highlights: Karl Rove's Childhood Traumas Exposed, Jimmy Fallon Slow-Jams the News

In case you weren't sure which color states make up the majority of the Tonight Show's audience, Jay Leno welcomed Karl Rove to the program to talk about his memoir, Courage and Consequence: My Life As a Conservative in the Fight last night. Only instead of sticking to the lighter talking points that Leno has relied on during his two terms, he dug a little deeper, asking Rove about rejection, being bullied as a child and for the big finale -- his mother's suicide -- all while Parenthood star Lauren Graham looked on uncomfortably. That intimate segment, as well as the other moments that you missed while hawking your reality show from the back of your RV, after the jump.

5. ChatRoulette Bingo

Last night, George Lopez and Snoop Dogg pioneered a ChatRoulette game that should sweep the nation by the end of the week. In vaguely related late night news, Jimmy Fallon provided Jeff Goldblum with a grand piano and a glass of scotch and then tragically did not have the Criminal Intent actor serenade unsuspecting ChatRoulette patrons. Opportunity lost.

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  • John says:

    Yes, because we all know that David Letterman's Audience doesn't swing decidedly BLUE STATE at all, right ? Please, Julie Miller, you seem to have sheer contempt for Jay Leno for inviting conservative's on the show. Somehow only liberals are allowed on late night talk shows ?

  • John II says:

    So, to point out that Leno's demographic skews red-state is to demonstrate "sheer contempt" for him? How does that work?

  • metroville says:

    Easy, now. He'll firebomb your house 'cause that Communist African Negro President crammed down his throat an affordable opportunity to not die.
    (That, John '1', is contempt.)