What Will Happen On the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale?


Forget health care reform. The big news last night came from Grey's Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Via her Twitter feed, the feisty showrunner announced that the upcoming season finale is "a serious game-changer for every single character." Cue: ominous thunderclaps! Assuming this missive means something horrible will befall Katherine Heigl's Dr. Izzie Stevens—Rhimes does seem to take a certain delight in getting rid of actors she has a problem with by disposing of their characters in awful ways; see: T.R. Knight's George getting hit by a bus—what other "game-changing" surprises could be in store for your favorite Seattle Grace/Mercy West characters? To the speculation!

In a move designed to make Sean Hannity's head explode, Mark, Callie and Arizona will get married, Big Love-style

Since Rhimes has gone out of her way to call Grey's resident Lesbian couple, Callie and Arizona (yes, there is a character on this show named Arizona), "made for each other," she probably won't break them up. That's too bad because in real life, Sara Ramirez (Callie) has insane chemistry with Eric Dane (the reformed Lothario, Mark Sloan) and none with Jessica Capshaw (Arizona). The only solution? A three-way but with wedding bells. Think: a more wholesome Gossip Girl.

McDreamy will undergo a controversial surgery to stop his eyes from constantly watering up

Seriously. Every single time he's on camera, Patrick Dempsey gets all misty. Even when he's smiling, he looks like he's about to cry. His eyes didn't do that in Valentine's Day, so it's clearly just indigenous to Grey's Anatomy. What is that?

The season finale will end with all the characters breaking the fourth wall, allowing Grey's Anatomy to go into next season as the first soap opera reality show

For years, the behind the scenes drama surrounding Grey's Anatomy has been better than anything Rhimes could think to write. And even without problem children Heigl and Knight, the chances are good that backstabbing will remain the coin of the realm. So why not show all that juicy stuff on television? Think of the ratings! How this hasn't been thought of yet is one of the great Hollywood mysteries.

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  • Jess says:

    Is this article a joke? Cuz I was laughing so hard...it's too ridiculous to be taken seriously. I'm not even going to bother to take offense at the Callie/Arizona/Mark thing, Callie and Arizona having no chemistry, or the uncalled-for comment about Derek. Thanks for making my day, mate. I really hope you weren't serious about any of this article, because if you were I pity you...
    Hilarious, though.

  • Raynera says:

    Lets hope soooo! I love mallieeee!

  • Aimee says:

    Thank you! So true!

  • Jess says:

    Are you straight? If so, how did you know you're straight? Did you go out with another guy, just to make sure you're not gay?
    That's what you're suggesting Arizona do.
    She's already made it clear that she's a lesbian and guys don't do it for her. (Scene where she, Callie, and Mark are in bed and she says that it's not going to work for her.) We have yet to see a lesbian couple survive a TV show where it's healthy and neither of them dies, goes back to guys, or disappears into the Parking Lot of No Return (see: Erica Hahn). Don't push it, dude. 😛

  • Kate says:

    I can't believe no one has mentioned Christina and Owen. They are definitely the HOTTEST couple on the show. God Kevin Mckidd is the hottest guy on the show. Christina and Owen should get married. So glad Burke left the show and they brought Kevin Mckidd in to be Christina's love interest.

  • Natalie London says:

    I agree with this article VERY much i really do not see chemistry between Callie and Arizona, they look like they are sisters or best friends. They seriously do not have the sexual and sweet chemistry that Mark and Callie have. Mark and Callie seriously need to be endgame.... but knowing Shonda *sigh*