Hot Tub Time Machine's John Cusack Hates The Movies You Loved in The '80s


Hot Tub Time Machine: A well-respected cultural touchstone? Maybe! In the last week alone the ridiculous time-travel comedy has gotten a rave review from Jeffrey Wells (in typical Wells fashion, he said that anyone who doesn't find Machine funny is "dead inside") and been mentioned on 30 Rock (though Liz Lemon didn't seem like a fan). And now it even makes an appearance in the Old Grey Lady herself, The New York Times. In today's Arts & Leisure section the film's four stars--John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke--discuss all things 80s during a roundtable discussion. The questions cover everything you'd expect--Michael Jackson, The A-Team--and the answers range from fairly straight (Robinson) to funny (Corddry) to "trying to hard to be funny" (Duke). And then there's John Cusack...

Q. In the 1980s what did you think you'd be doing with your life in the year 2010?

JOHN CUSACK I remember very clearly being at the 1985 Super Bowl half-time show, on mushrooms. I hoped that I would be out of the '80s in 2010. They frightened me, and I remain in fear. It might have been the psilocybin.

What the what? Lloyd Dobler was on psychedelic drugs? But he was such a nice boy! Well, maybe not that nice:

Q. If you had to choose between the films of John Hughes or the films of Savage Steve Holland, which would you go with?

CUSACK I was only in one of the John Hughes films, and I never saw the other ones. I didn't understand them. I kept hearing a really hip 40-year-old person talking in teenagers' mouths. And I was in two movies with Steve Holland. So I don't think I would choose. I don't think I would have an opinion.

Normally when movie stars deny seeing the projects of other colleagues, it's because they don't want to be caught saying something derogatory (if you can't say something nice...). Not Cusack though, who seems fine with giving a backhanded complement to a beloved (and, hello, deceased!) icon. Somewhere, Molly Ringwald is organizing an angry mob.

· Remembering Those Awesome '80s With 'Hot Tub' Boys [New York Times]


  • Al says:

    I just came across this article and felt I had something to say. I was one of the many people who was at the above mentioned fundraiser. I've always looked up to Cusack as an actor and was thrilled about the chance to get to meet him. I'm sure before John himself became famous, there were actors that he looked up to and wished he could meet.
    It truly was a huge letdown when he didn't show up. I was very disappointed. We all deal with death in our own ways and it's hard to judge another person's actions without knowing what it's like to walk in their shoes. If the reason why he didn't show up really was the fact that he was too torn up about the loss of his Dad, then I do feel for him and he has my full sympathy. But, as a fan of his (and had been for many years) it would have been nice to at least be informed that he wasn't coming. It's just not the right thing to do to leave everybody there waiting and wondering. Maybe he should have never committed himself to doing the fundraiser in the first place. It's weird, during the event, the only info we got was that he's doing his best to try and get here. Then, it ended and he never did show up. Everybody there was just kind of left hanging with no real explanation what happened.
    I know that the money I spent to go to the fundraiser went to a great cause, but I admit, I was there to meet John. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I would have had a lot more respect for him if we at least had gotten some sort of an apology/explanation from him. It didn't have to be right then and there, but sometime afterwards. The whole situation was sort of swept under the rug in hopes that everyone would just forget about it.
    I do continue to be a fan of John's movies. Just not so sure if I can be a fan of him.

  • Previous John Cusack Fan says:

    Today on twitter he started telling some Say Anything fans that they were halfwits and to unfollow him. Then he called them all trolls. I responded to him asking him what on earth he was doing pissing off all his fans and that it might hurt his career and he sent me a direct message telling me that he thought I was threatening him and told me to "go to hell", then blocked me. He has been my favourite actor since I was 9 years old (now 35), I'm very saddened by this, I was only worried for him as he seems so angry. He must really be miserable with his life to be turning his back on his fans like that. I actually feel sorry for him.


    knock it off you been on everything i have seen of john just stop it already... there people out there who does not care.. so what you never called anyone names.. oh please get a life and stop with this crap.. i have seen it and you know some people on there are .. all they do is just talk about his movies that maybe he had enough of.. so just drop it and bug off


    oh and excuse the caps i just coped and paste the name... oh and have a lovely day =)