The Celebrity Apprentice Premiere: A TVLine IM Debate

Celebrity Apprentice is back, and this time it has a couple of legendary Olympians to make you feel sad. Summer Sanders, Michael Johnson, and more expected reality show participants like Sharon Osbourne, Bret Michaels, and Sinbad line the proceedings. How did the debut episode fare? Julie Miller and I break it down (and have a breakdown) after the jump.


Opening Thoughts

Julie: I am disgusted that at one point Bret Michaels shouts at a monitor, while the women argue in front of Donald, "Take your clothes off for the cat fight." He is shouting that at Carol Leifer and Sharon Osbourne. Until that point, I was pro-Michaels.

Louis: I can't believe the man behind "Rock of Love" is a compulsive misogynist either.

Julie: He had me when he started pounding fountain Cokes when his blood sugar ran low. But I just can't get past the fact that Bret Michaels shouted "take your clothes off for the cat fight" at Carol Leifer.

Louis: He called her "Rodeo" on accident several times.

Julie: For me, the high point of tonight's episode was when Cyndi invited her accordion-playing friend into the burger joint and broke out into a "True Colors" duet with Summer Sanders.

Louis: Working for it! It was straight-up, orphan-style Edith Piaf busking.

Julie: I heard that next week, Cyndi and that nameless Victoria's Secret model will belt out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" while racing tourists around the LES on rickshaws.

Louis: Right. Then Sharon and Cyndi will trill "She Bop" to inner city girls in the "loving ourselves first" challenge. I'm actually mad at the girls' team. If they'd just doubled the price of their burger, they'd have won it. $8.95? Come on, Cyndi. That's how much we pay for a She's So Unusual minidisc. Not a burger.

Julie: Price points, man. I feel like this season of The Apprentice is missing a really young contestant. Or else a Kardashian. Don't you feel like something is missing?

Louis: You can't tell me Kylie Jenner would've turned this down. Hell, Ke$ha's not filling up Carnegie yet. Let's see her crunch some numbers.

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