Who Will Win the Oscars' Version of Project Runway?

Even though the Oscars are taking steps to be younger and hipper this year, there's only so far they can go in making things contemporary. To that end, producers have decided on many show elements that would have been popular not this year, but in 2006; how else to explain the puzzling selection of former Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden as "house deejay" at the show (!!!) or the Oscar.com contest to select a dress for the on-stage award escorts that's reminiscent of Project Runway?

Still, since all the acting categories at the Oscars are locked up and voting in the escort designer challenge ends today, we thought we'd try our hand at a little outfit prognostication. Meet the contenders!


Designer: Oday Shakar

Actress Who Might Accidentally Wear This to the Oscars: Vera Farmiga

Summary: Should any winner be too disoriented after hearing his name called, an Oscar producer can merely shine a spotlight on this reflective silver sheath, creating a burst of hot white light to guide the winner to the stage like a lighthouse beacon.

Likelihood of Winning: 7


Designer: Phong Hong

Actress Who Might Accidentally Wear This to the Oscars: Sandra Bullock

Summary: Neutral, yet evocative of both the Oscar itself and a Ruffles potato chip

Likelihood of Winning: 6


Designer: Rania Salibi

Actress Who Might Accidentally Wear This to the Oscars: Anna Kendrick

Summary: Daring, flattering and it has a point of view, so there's absolutely no chance that the Academy would let this on stage to distract from the movie stars' own ensembles.

Likelihood of Winning: 0 (out of 10)


Designer: Ivy Higa

Actress Who Might Accidentally Wear This to the Oscars: Carey Mulligan

Summary: Demure and quiet, like an Oscar escort should be (unless Woody Harrelson casually inquires whether you're "holding." At that point, please hit up Oscar DJ Joel Madden).

Likelihood of Winning: 8

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  • sweetbiscuit says:

    The Ruffles dress looks like a $8 scar.

  • Miley Cyrus says:

    I Love her 🙂 she is so real! and the public don’t get that. It irritates me how people are always nagging her what not to do and what to do. like miley says she's still trying to resolve her life out. shes still growing. shes becoming older, on the point of being an adult so why dont people get that? miley is always telling the truth like she always do. so why do people dislike her? that makes no sense. i think its just jealousy. if you dont like her/ like what she is acting then just leave her alone.. i think shes amazing and that's my opinion 🙂