Late Night Highlights: The Best and Worst of Last Night's Leno-Conan Interpretations

NBC's comically oversized screw-ups have reinvigorated late-night hosts with the kind of joy usually seen only at children's birthday parties. And with the release of Conan O'Brien's f*ck you letter to NBC yesterday, the after hours personalities whacked down yet another peacock pinata to audiences' delight. After the jump, five interpretations of the NBC late night fiasco, ranked from sorriest to most triumphant.

5. Conan's Game of Deal or No Deal (Worst)

This may seem unfair since Conan O'Brien is the alleged victim in NBC's line-up mess (or is he?), but last night's game show sketch, in which models presented the current Tonight Show host with suitcases full of career options like "Join cast of next Twilight movie as rare albino werewolf" paled in comparison to Monday's night's triumphant take-down monologue and his role-playing exercise with a Na'vi assistant. Additional point deduction for Howie Mandel's unnecessary and unfunny cheap shots at the network ("Apparently NBC fired the real [Deal or No Deal] models"). Next!

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