Comedians Respond to the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien Shakeup

Within the fray of rumors and proposed solutions surrounding The Jay Leno Show's cancellation and Conan O'Brien's displacement, the opinions of stand-up comedians seem to lend this fiasco a semblance of rationale -- humanity, even. In a post that Movieline will continue to update, we compile the soundbites of stand-ups who observe the late-night shakeup seriously, furiously, clinically, apathetically, or (and hopefully this becomes most often the case) hilariously. Monologues ready!

Conan O'Brien

Conan's first monologue after news of the shakeup was brief, but sweet. Movieline's desire to Photoshop together a Jay Leno Show Xbox game persists.


Jay Leno

Jay's first monologue after the fact speculated on the vistas at Fox.

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  • peliculita says:

    I kind of wish NBC's website included the part where Conan talks about Leno parking in his spot in his '26 Deusenberg and Leno correcting him on the year of the car. That was pretty funny. His impression of Leno is spot on.