The 5 Most Vulnerable Best Picture Candidates

Though the Oscars have expanded the Best Picture field to ten nominees this year, there are still going to be some contenders that end up as also-rans. Sure, we can expect a couple of mortal locks like Avatar, Up in the Air, Precious, and The Hurt Locker to gobble up several of the slots, but which former frontrunners are in danger of missing the shortlist entirely? Here are five Best Picture candidates whose chances are bruised, beaten, or by no means assured:



Tomatometer: 37%

The Odds Against It: Widely perceived to be an Oscar front-runner just a few months ago, Nine has dealt with setback after setback since: an unexpected delay, a glut of poor reviews, and a weak opening weekend (from a distributor that can't afford to throw good money after bad).

In Its Favor: It is filled with Oscar-showered talent, from director Rob Marshall (Chicago) to its veteran cast. The buzz surrounding the performances of Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard could help keep the picture in contention a little while longer, yet the Weinstein Co. has boggled the issue of whether Cotillard's supporting performance should be pushed for Lead Actress.

Final Prognosis: Fading fast.

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  • Colander says:

    Thank you for alerting me to The Last Station's existence.

  • Sir Walt says:

    Except for the trio of performances in Up in the Air, I'm expecting those in The Education (father-daughter-boyfriend) to impress me most as well-written and well-acted parts. Maybe New Years' Eve...