The 10 Best Movie Twist Endings of the Decade

Our cornucopia of decade's end lists continues now with the Twist List: The best twist-endings and third-act mindf*cks from the last ten years. They're the cherries on your Manoj sundae, and they're after the jump.

Twist Endings Movies10. Identity (2003)

The set-up: A group of ten strangers are stranded at a Nevada motel during a thunderstorm. Meanwhile, a psychopath awaits trial at a mental institution.

The twist: The strangers are all multiple personalities of the psychopath, each being killed off in his mind by the true homicidal personality: Timmy York, a quiet boy who had faked his own death earlier.

Twist Endings Movies9. The Departed (2006)

The set-up: Irish-Catholic Boston boy Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) is raised by mobster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) to become a mole in the Massachusetts State Police. Meanwhile a force graduate (Leonardo DiCaprio) is convinced to become an undercover agent infiltrating Costello's inner circle.

The twist: Having executed a seemingly perfect crime with no witnesses, Sullivan returns home expecting to find his psychiatrist girlfriend Madolyn. Instead, Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) is waiting for him, and puts a bullet in his head.

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