The Golden Globes TV Frontrunners: A Movieline IM Chat


Your Modern Family-, Dexter-defending empress Julie Miller has plenty of ideas about this morning's Golden Globe Nominations. Your 30 Rock- and Mad Men-loving fogy Louis Virtel has different ones. When paired in the same AIM chat window under their high school screennames, the two start to agree before diverging forever when it comes to the team spirit of Glee. Shudder.

Please consult S.T. VanAirsdale's comprehensive entry for all the nominees.


Julie: I guess Best Actor in Drama is one of the closest categories. Who do you think will take that?

Louis: You'll notice Bryan Cranston's not nominated there, and he was the Emmy winner! And man, not even a nomination for Gabriel Byrne on In Treatment. His character is full of wisdom and feelings. What gives, HFP?

Julie: Right, last year In Treatment was nominated for Best Television Series, Best Actor (Byrne), Best Supporting Actress (Melissa George, Dianne Wiest) and Best Supporting Actor (Blair Underwood)

Julie: Did something happen this past season that I'm missing?

Louis: Weirdly, no. The opposite, in fact -- Byrne was heavily favored to win the Emmy this year. Thanks to those omissions, this is an interesting category. I'm going to throw it to Michael C. Hall.

Julie: Right, this was the strongest season of Dexter by far, and I think that last weekend's bloody bathtub season finale is going to stick with a lot of voters.

Louis: Precisely. The group of Dramatic Actresses this year is a brooding bunch! I feel really good about January Jones's chances, particularly since her PR team put her on a blitz recently. And yet, where is Emmy-nominee Elisabeth Moss?

Julie: Jones's SNL hosting abilities ruined her chances for me. Anna Paquin won last year.

Louis: Now, see, if SNL hosting gigs factor in, January's D.O.A., and then Joseph Gordon-Levitt also wins the "GOOD EFFORT" award.

Julie: Do you think the foreign press is ready to award Kyra Sedgwick?

Louis: I love obligation awards. I don't feel like The Closer is getting better or worse. I don't see any reason for her to win this year other than out of sheer empathy.

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