The Bonnie Hunt Show Finally Canceled, A Nation Mourns


Order up a deep dish pizza and draw yourself a bath. You'll need some comfort after this news: PerezHilton is reporting that after two long seasons, The Bonnie Hunt Show has been canceled. The Chicago comedienne's afternoon talk show premiered in 2008 with Robin Williams as her first guest. Since then, Bonnie Hunt was nominated for three Daytime Emmys including Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.

The show, which tapes in Culver City, will finish out its second season before shutting down production, according to PerezHilton's sources. The Bonnie Hunt Show features a two-story, Dean Martin-tribute set featuring photos of her dog and a fireman's pole. According to Wikipedia, Bonnie has never used the fireman's pole -- hopefully viewers can look forward to that inaugural ride during her teary finale.

For those unfamiliar with the format of the Bonnie Hunt show, each episode starts with a monologue and features segments in which the Jerry Maguire co-star answers viewer mail ("Mail From You Guys"), improvises with the audience and her producer Don Lake ("Dr. Know It All"), and asks children about topics that predate them ("Young People Don't Know Nothin"). Bonnie frequently welcomes her mother, Alice, on the show via video chat and is particularly interested in hearing about her guest's mothers, especially if they are nurses.

Let's take a moment on this gloomy, Monday afternoon to toast Bonnie and her mom with this famous "Ask Alice" segment. All of the excitement of talking your mom through a video chat, except it's someone else's mom, and it's on daytime TV! (And Emmy voters, please consider her impeccable hairstyling!)


  • Linda says:

    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW ON THE AIR! What a terrible mistake they are making, taking it off! Some of us love to FINALLY see a funny, yet DECENT show that keeps you glued to it the whole hour. WAKE UP! Not all of us love the usual garbage on the air.

  • Samantha says:

    I thought her interview with Governor Blagojevich was a perfect explanation of why this show was cancelled. After asking a lot of very good questions, Hunt said that all that mattered was how he explained his actions to his children. And the audience applauded. All that matters, all that ever matters, in any situation under any circumstances, is the children. The children.
    We have Rosie O'Donnell to thank for the talk-show-as-telethon trend. All that matters is children and charity. Nothing, nothing else matters, no matter how blinking dull it becomes to endlessly talk about children and charities.

  • Carolyn says:

    In Kansas City, Bonnie's been on ABC, at 10:00 a.m., preceding The View. It's a great time slot, in KC. I lost my job and hadn't ever really watched much daytime TV. Since it started, Bonnie's show (even in summer reruns) has been something to look forward to, every weekday morning. The people who've written such ugly things, above, don't have a heart or a soul. This kind of jaded response is exactly why we need someone as truly kind, and optimistic, and interesting as Bonnie Hunt, on the air.
    How about, after, Oprah's show finishes up this season, Bonnie gets that spot? It would be very smart if Oprah would sponsor Bonnie. Bonnie (like Oprah) is a dedicated humanitarian. And she's engaging and genuinely funny. Anyone who's watched her interviews has certainly seen how loved she is by celebs and guests of all kinds.
    If more people knew about her show and watched it a couple of times, I agree that most of them would be hooked by her real kindness, open-mindedness, and amazing wit--Bonnie has some of the greatest come-backs I've ever heard. And true, she doesn't offend (except the few of you about who apparently have to have something to bitch about). You negative bloggers who over and over, keep grilling Bonnie Hunt. Get a heart! And NBC and Time-Warner--you all should have yours examined!

  • Tendr says:

    Bonnie Hunt is one of the funniest women on tv. I adore her and love every show she's had. She's better than any of the night guys. How could she be boring with that quick wit and I love her mom and the animals she brings on. She treats those that work with her as family. Shame on you that put her down. She's a breath of fresh air. AND ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD CANCEL HER.

  • Dee Tanner says:

    I LOVED the BH show...I SO not happy with NBC for the cancel.
    Who was rating her? They didn't ask me.
    I'm so mad. I miss you Bonnie !!!!!

  • Bonita Pelley says:

    So enjoyed the Bonnie Hunt show. Now in the meantime if you are looking for a new & FABULOUS idea for a new talk show that 90% of the viewers will be interested in please contact me. You'll be glad you you did & so will your viewers !!

  • Mac says:

    Obviously with a mouth like that, you would not like her class.

  • Dolly says:

    Please bring Bonnie Hunt back. Bonnie's whole show's format was a breath of fresh air. I miss the show very much. It looked forward to watching it everyday.