Late Night Highlights: Chola-fied Sandra Bullock, 'Fat' Charles Barkley and Cary Grant's Acid Habit

Last night, George Lopez became the most powerful man in the after-hours landscape by convincing an A-list actress, once favored as America's Sweetheart, to surrender herself to a full Chola makeover. A bottle of Aquanet, two Sharpie eyebrows and a flannel shirt later, Sandra Bullock allowed G-Lo to parade her around his stage like a three-headed circus freak. Your move, Monique. The full makeover video, along with the other late night moments you missed while melting down on Facebook last night, after the jump.

Kenneth the Page Jack McBrayer Discusses His Simple Pleasures

On the Tonight Show, Jack McBrayer detailed the lengths he takes to transform his chilly NYC apartment into a tropical climate. One anecdote about slathering his kitchen sink in Banana Boat suntan lotion later, Conan O'Brien proclaimed the interview the "stupidest" he's ever conducted, even after McBrayer's impressions of Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan.

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