7 Threatened Fanboy Responses to New Moon

A lot of bad movies make money every year, but most film sites didn't complain about it until New Moon arrived on the scene and broke a box office record held by The Dark Knight. Suddenly, writers who had dutifully chronicled every Transformers voice casting and G.I. Joe character poster on their blogs were bemoaning the state of cinema, and though their reactions may not surprise grizzled veterans of the Comic-Con Gender Wars, it's nevertheless amusing to see. Some are livid, some are accusatory, and all are way, way over-the-top. Here are 7 of the most threatened:

1. "I hate Twilight pretty much as passionately as anything I've ever hated before...If you're a lady and you're under 21, good on ya. Enjoy what you built. Your dollars and zeal have led to a tonal shift in the cultural landscape. If you're 35, I hope your holes seal up."

Nick Nunziata, CHUD

2. "I dated a girl like Bella once. Thank god they make medication for girls like that now...Yeah, Bella Swan is textbook; farm raised, corn fed cocktease bemoaning her pathetic lot in life. That women identify with her at all troubles me...If you see this, see it with beer or with promise of sex afterward. Just don't let her lather up your dong in body glitter. You have to draw the line somewhere."

Massawyrm, AICN



Erik Davis, Cinematical

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  • Melodi says:

    Remember, that "New Moon" is a movie. It is for entertainment. It isn't real. Purely fictional...Some people will like it or love it; others will not. Whichever side you're on, this book / movie is still just a made-up story about a bunch of teenagers and a couple who aren't human.

  • daveed says:

    Those obsessed with slagging Twilight are now just as annoying as those obsessed with Twilight. All of them need to STFU.

  • LUCY says:

    Sorry, "more accurate representation of a vampire"? We can all agree that these things don't ACTUALLY exist, right?

  • frank says:

    Here Here! It's all a bit over the top; I have friends on both sides of the fence and it's getting to be some kind of religion 🙁

  • Disgusted says:

    Let's cut through the bulls**t here: this article is pandering horse-s**t of the worst kind. Fact of the matter is that most of the criticism of the Twilight franchise is legitimate, and the only people ignoring or discoloring that fact probably have something to gain from the continued success of this socially-detrimental tripe. If you think that Edward Cullen is anything but a humorless, manipulative douche, or that Jacob is somehow to blame for Bella leading him on (which is OBVIOUS), then you probably can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to this series. But the truth is that Twilight as a whole is a misogynist (Unhealthy relationships are glorified throughout), retrograde (Can Bella drive her own damn truck?), and socially-irresponsible mess that too many have bought into, and in doing so have highlighted some of the ugliest aspects of our culture.
    This site just lost a ton of credibility with this article...

  • Shiu says:

    Damn Ms. Love and Kate back in the day? Insane