Kris Allen's Single is Dying Like It's Dying


Sad news for fans of puppy-looking dudes everywhere: American Idol's last winner Kris Allen, Randy Jackson's onetime cherished "tender dog," is having a rough go on iTunes this week with his new single "Live Like We're Dying." The rollicking, campfire-friendly, Gavin Degraw-conjuring song drops to #58 on the singles chart this week, ranking somewhere down there with that godforsaken "You're a Jerk" number and probably the 12-years-strong "My Heart Will Go On." Now, a stillborn Idol single wouldn't necessary be news unless there was also a strange Idol triumph to counteract it, right? Strap on your puffy album-cover dress-thing, because one Idol contestant may be pulling ahead far after the polls have closed.

According to Amazon, the as-yet-untitled Adam Lambert album, which doesn't drop until November 24, is at #2 on the Amazon Bestsellers List. Phenomenally, the Idol runner-up's label RCA and Amazon had yet to even release a statement about pre-order availability. Currently he's ranked only behind Barbra Streisand and in front of Susan Boyle, which means he has proven himself a beacon of glitter-slathered hope for 57-to-62-year-olds everywhere. Somewhere in a luxurious grotto filled with gyrating holograms of Leona Lewis, Simon Cowell snickers and cries, knowing his childhood dream of breeding a pop star from the well-costumed genes of Butch Patrick and Jo Anne Worley is complete.

Adam Lambert's Upcoming Album is #2 on Amazon Bestsellers List [MJsBigBlog]


  • Mj says:

    An 'attention whore'? you know the man enough to call him this?..Really, even through all of this ..both Adam and Kris have shown nothing but class towards eachother and their fans...I went to the concert and all of the idols are good and yes, Adam does stand out, but that does not make him an attention whore..the only attention whore I see is the one who brought it up in the

  • K~T says:

    Dang, Kelsey I think you must be desperate to attack a charitable donation post!

  • pinkyt says:

    For some reason I find it of note that the big comment getting posts yesterday were this and the Polanski issue. This suggests that if either of these two guys is ever involved in sexual misconduct the comments will implode.

  • staciegirlie says:

    @Elizabeth 29 sept 1:50 pm.
    From what I understand, Kris's single has already been released for radio play. Please check your facts, darling.

  • staciegirlie says:

    "Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood, Elliott Yamin, Kelly Clarkson have all raised MILLIONS." Your point? Adam is the new kid on the block. Why do people like you keep saying stuff like, "Yeah, but he's not a legend," and things such your comment above? As time passes, I'm sure he'll make some history and break some records of his own.
    What are the naysayers trying to prove?

  • staciegirlie says:

    How can Kris's album have been available for monthes when is Idol debut is not even finished just as Adam's is not finished. Are you sure you're not talking about a pre-idol album?

  • Bamboo says:

    Kris is just not one of my favorite singers. I don't think I would ever buy any of his music. He has no range and sounds like he has to sing louder to reach the higher notes. I saw him in concert. No charisma either.

  • ABC says:

    Once you hear one Kris' song, you've heard them all. He's got only a very limited range and sings in one style. And in does not interest me at all. Although I like him as a person but I'm just not a fan of his music. and when I heard his debut single, I didn't understand a word especially the chorus is wordy and in rap style. He mumbles. It's the same problem with Allison. You don't understand a word she sings. Although she can sing and I prefer her music than Kris.

  • olivia says:

    WTF ATTENTION WHORE? Jealous much!?! The reason behind Adam getting all this attention is because he has something called TALENT and PERSONALITY! He will be a SuperStar, MARK MY WORD. If you don't like him, go listen to Kris, that's fine by me. But don't insult Adam. He didn't come out looking for all this attention, it came to him because he deserved it and because he is an amazing artist. GET OVER YOURSELF AND STOP BEING SO SHALLOW!

  • olivia says:

    Whether or not this is true, WHO CARES? I know that when both of their albums come out, Adam will be on top. I don't hate Kris. He is very cute, very lovable, and seems like a beautiful person. I actually really enjoyed some of his performances (i.e. Ain't No Sunshine)and he deserves success based on that. But when it comes down to the music, Adam is the real star of American Idol. He is one of the best, actually probably THE BEST contestant to have been on the show, and he is definitely the most likely to become a WORLDWIDE SUPERSTAR. Kris will also have a career, but he will have a harder time and his prospective audience is much more limited than Adam's. I personally LOVE Adam, and his music. Kris is just too plain for me. But I do understand why some people like him. However, I KNOW that he will never be as successful as Adam. That's for sure. Don't get mad people, it's just show business. Look at artists who take risks: Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Madonna, etc. They have all influenced Adam, and undeniably, they are HUGE stars! To make it big, you have to take risks, which is something that Adam, not Kris, does!

  • Diane says:

    iTunes pass was only available for Kris Allen. which also indicates why single sales are low....why buy the single when you have already purchased the album? The only way to purchase Adam's not yet released album is via Amazon.