Law & Order: Criminal Intent Discharges Vincent D'Onofrio and Three Regulars


House isn't the only television program shuttling out original characters. It was announced late last night that Law & Order: Criminal Intent is gearing up for dramatic cast changes during its upcoming ninth season that include four regular cast members leaving the Major Case Squad. Vincent D'Onofrio who plays Robert Goren, the startlingly intense and intuitive badge with his own sordid past, will exit next March. Who will he take with him?

Kathryn Erbe, who plays Goren's partner Alex Eames, will also be phased out next season, along with Eric Bogosian, who plays the force's captain. As reported earlier this year, Jeff Goldblum's on-screen partner Julianne Nicholson (who played Megan Wheeler) will be replaced by Saffron Burrows.

Other details about the casting shake-up are still unclear. Law & Order's franchise creator, Dick Wolf has dealt with his fair share of casting roulette in the past, often remarking how the viewers prefer the story lines to the actual actors: "I'm a firm believer that the Law & Order audience, in a sense looks forward to these casting changes."

There is a chance that D'Onofrio could return for future guest appearances to assist the new central detective partnership played by Goldblum and Burrows.


  • I really miss Law and Order: Criminal Intent with Vincent and Catherine. I also miss the way things were with the original cast on SVU. Criminal Intent was my FAVORITE!!!!!