BREAKING: Patrick Swayze Dead at 57


After almost two years of publicly battling pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze has succumbed to the disease, reports TMZ. He was 57.

Once one of Hollywood's biggest actors after iconic roles in Ghost, Point Break, and Dirty Dancing, Swayze most recently starred in a single season of the A&E series The Beast, which he was able to complete despite his cancer's debilitating effects.

More on this breaking story tomorrow. [TMZ]


  • lasma says:

    gone too soon...but he has made his job well done on earth...good bye patrick...

  • Francisco Luna says:

    Thank you Patric for all those magnificent performance in your movies as in real life! God bless your spirit!

  • donald says:

    I think Brody in Point Break was close to how Patrick lived his exceptional life

  • andreea says:

    He was my favourite actor and type of ideal man: attractive, wise, sentitive and caring but also very strong.God bless you, Patrick!

  • Joyce Parsons says:

    We live with death but it still feels unnatural, my thoughts and prayers are with patrick's family. To his family grief is an individual feeling, go with how you feel.I am so sad to lose a wonderful actor. I wish I had known him in person.Take Care.

  • Imran K says:

    Oh no, this is a sad day. I saw him in London 3 years ago. He stopped to talk to a huge crowd which had gathered to see him.

  • DurbanGuy says:

    Another passing of a great entertainer. His talents and his charms will be missed. May his soul rest in peace

  • Tony'sforevergirl says:

    Oh my goodness... I am so sad. This man was the ultimate. I watched DIrty Dancing sooooo many times just to see him. Ghost curled my toes and the "ditto" has forever been stuck in my brain. Patrick was the one man in any movie that I would have taken in a minute....God rest his soul and may he finally have peace...we will miss you Patrick so very much...

  • Mary says:

    I was in high school when his movies became famous. You will truly be missed Patrick. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Lawrence Hood says:

    Patrick my good man, very few souls leave there mark as you have done,
    well done Sir. All power to you.

  • IndianMontreal says:

    His Mr. President act in Point Break was awesome... the way he went off into the Big Surf in the final scene was also so poignant.
    Point Break 2 was an awesome opportunity missed by the big production boys in LA.
    Hope he will find That kinda surf and much much more up there.
    I feel there's no point living to be 90 and no one knows your work. he did very well to receive good thoughts from so many people.
    Remember Freddie singing "flying too close to the sun", dying young etc..?
    you were a good man i think. God Bless. RIP dude...

  • Raquel says:

    My sympathy to the family of Patrick...May he's soul and spirit rest in peace..I'll miss you Mr. Patrick Swayze...

  • Daisie says:

    "We live with death but it still feels unnatural"
    And yes...
    "Another passing of a great entertainer"
    GHOST was one of my first favorite movies and still is one of my favorite...And folks like Patrick & Farrah Fawcet were not only great actor/actress but also beautiful REAL human beings with a respectable personality...
    God bless their souls and their families...

  • Barnehurst Hotdog _ BDTLJ says:

    Don't know about Vov, The Winchester or PinkyT..
    Going to have myself, a rememberance session of some
    favorite movies..
    Roadhouse, ( stonking music )
    Steeldawn, ( excellent fights )
    Point Break , ( great action )
    Ghost, ( ah, found some clay )
    Could be he's gonna be one of those 'white lighters'.:-)

  • Rajib Chakraborty says:

    R.I.P. Patrick

  • Manuel e Isabel Taborda says:

    My condolences go to the family of this great actor, so my thoughts and deep prayers...He has left us, and we have lost a real star that's already shinning in the sky.

  • Anon says:

    Oh, I see what you did there...

  • Yousaf M. Shaikh says:

    Just goes to show you, nobody's immune to Death's call. Farewell good friend. Your warm charismatic demeanor will be greatly missed.

  • Cindy says:

    I would like to say this is such a sad day for my daughter she is 23 now but, when she was 2 years old Dirty Dancing came out. She at 2 would wake up and say Dirty Dancing mama.. over and over untill I put it in the VCR.. All these years she has watched anything that she could about him.. Last night about 10 pm she calls me crying and I felt the pain in her voice as she said mom Patrick Swayze died today.
    She said everyone had told her that it was crazy to feel the way she did because she really did not know him.. I told her it was ok to feel that way because if she had the choses he would be the kind of man she would like to meet. He will be missed by her very much. Our thoughts are with his family and friends and hope that they can be at peace with the fact that he is in no pain and now he can see what he has done for alot of people.

  • Sergio R. P. do Carmo says:

    It's really a sad day for all of us... But Patrick will stay forever in the hearts and souls of his fans throughout the world...
    I've never had the chance to meet him personally but I'm sure he was a great man...
    Thank you for entertaining us with your outstanding performance...
    Good bye, Patrick... We miss you... God bless your soul!!!

  • Barbara says:

    Just found out and when I read the headline a pain hit me in the pit of my stomach. He was a great actor and a gorgeous man. I most recently saw him in a movie called Powder Blue w/Jessica Biel. He was a strip club owner and his real life brother played a bouncer. Not sure if this was made before or after The Beast. God bless his wonderful, caring, patient wife and all of his family and his fans!!!!

  • Izabella Hamvas says:

    Patrick; a great,true individual with extreme talent in dancing and fight for life (like my mother with cancer). God bless him and his family.

  • Smiling Beauty says:

    Our sincere Condolences to the family of Mr. Patrick Swayze. We watched his outstanding performances in most movies we have seen.

  • Michelle Miller says:

    My heart is broken! He was my first true movie star crush!! I actually wore all video tapes! He will be missed OH so so much. I look Patrick everyday to check and see if My man is still hanging in there!
    Thank you Patrick for all those magnificent performance in your movies as in real life! God bless your spirit!
    Thank you to his beautful wife who was by his side every step of the way. You and your family are in my thoughts and Prays!
    God bless your spirit!