High School Musical Steel-Cage Death Match!


As someone wise once meant to say, "The greatest high school musicals are good, but the bad ones are even better." After all, whose icy heart doesn't melt while watching a cast of untrained, gawky students screw up their choreography and miss the notes to a ballad from West Side Story? Regardless of your high school musical quality preferences, Showtime's Guys 'N Divas: Battle of the High School Musicals is worth a watch, as it profiles the preparation behind three productions with varying talent pools and budgets.

Guys 'N Divas: Battle of the High School Musicals [8:30 PM, Showtime]

This documentary by Barry W. Blaustein follows three rivaling southern Indiana musical-drama programs, as they pour thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into their productions in the hopes of gaining admittance to the International Thespian Festival. The productions tonight include Starmites, Zombie Prom and Beauty and the Beast.

Marked [9 PM, History]

Tonight's Marked is the first installment of a six-part series about popular tattoo styles in prisons, gangs and and motorcycle groups. The series was created and executive produced by Mario Barth, the tattoo artist responsible for inking Lenny Kravitz and Sylvester Stallone.

Project Runway [10 PM, Lifetime]

Now that Ari, the distractingly spacy Samantha Ronson look-alike has been booted from the game, the remaining 15 sketch-competent designers can focus on crafting a dress for a celebrity. Rebecca Romijn is the guest judge.


Halloween [8 PM, AMC]

Fall is rapidly approaching and there is no better movie to usher in the season than John Carpenter's Halloween. Knife-wielding psychopaths and Jamie Lee Curtis both lost their luster long before Halloween H20 and those Activia commercials, but it only takes the sight of a youthful, feather-haired Jamie Lee smoking a joint to remember why you first loved this film. At 10 PM, follow up with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.