Nora Ephron Endorses Circumstantial Incest On Eve Of Film's Debut


Nora Ephron has left few stones unturned in her promotion of Julie & Julia -- did you know that the film's healthy marriages are like her own? Or that the film contains some delicious cooking? Or that Julia Child was no fan of homovipers? (Wait, scratch that last one.) Now, in the eleventh hour before the film's release, Ephron has pulled out all the stops, scripting a HuffPo essay about how she can totally relate to Ryan O'Neal hitting on his daughter.

A couple of years ago, I was standing in a mall in Las Vegas when I saw a very pleasant-looking woman coming towards me, smiling, her arms outstretched, and I thought, who is this woman? Where do I know her from? Then she spoke and I realized it was my sister Amy. [...]

As it happens, Ryan O'Neal had not seen his daughter Tatum in years. He thought she was a Swedish person. I completely understand. The truth is that had I been gay, I might have accidentally made a pass at my own sister in a mall in Las Vegas. So who's to judge? Not me.

Oh great, now all those Ephron sister slashfic writers have even more material.

· In Defense of Ryan O'Neal [HuffPo]