How a Photo of Adam 'The Ferosh Hulk' Lambert Ignited a Gokey-Hating Revolution


There's an interesting struggle for the top spots of the Twitter Top 40 going on. #nicerfilmtitles refuses to give up, even climbing a notch or two to third place (it's gotta run out of steam pretty soon, as it got old kind of quick). But the new trending topic of #gokeyisadouche has shot up the ranks, even surpassing for a while #iranelection -- the global political movement that has inspired many users to tint their avatars green in support of Iranian democracy -- to take the top spot. Why the sudden surge of collective animus against the Aerosmith-butchering American Idol finalist? It's an interesting story, actually, and it also involves something tinted green.

It begins, as so many things do, in the hallowed halls of ohnotheydidnt: an online community of like-minded, Chris Pine-pining Kathy Griffin addicts at the forefront of all GIF-animation sciences. In a post titled "douchebag danny strikes again" and authored by user "petit_tresor" (who years from now will be referred to in American Idol History courses as the Betsy Ross of the Gokeyisadouche movement), it's revealed that the Facebook account of a female cousin of Gokey's had been hacked into. A series of photographs were then posted, all taken at a dinner attended by the Idol finalists. As the cousin describes it, Gokey had printed out the photo of Lambert decked out in a Froggy Stardust and the Tadpoles from Mars-type outfit. The commentary that accompanied it:

Adam was supper P.O.ed when he saw it his voice went all high pitched and he said "What the F***!" "where did you get this" Danny is all like just sign it. Adam said "You owe me for this!" LOL! My dad and I just laugh all night long about it, I thought he would be proud of the picture... i guess not...


What follows is a long list of comments from friends of the "OK, I just puked!!!" and "UH? SICK!!!!!"-variety. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to have available to the rabid Lambert fanbase -- or, for that matter, among anyone with a low tolerance for overt homophobia.

Still, that in itself might not have been enough to rouse the Twitter masses. But it just so happens that Gokey said the following in a live chat with Comcast yesterday:

"Yes. I accept gay people, but people have to accept my beliefs. We have to accept their beliefs, but they have to accept my beliefs. We agree to disagree. I don't judge people, but at the same time, if they believe in what they believe, they have to accept me and what I believe. But I accept anybody as they come. That's my character and my personality."

And voila! A Douche-o-lution is born.

In other Idol news, David Archuleta's stage dad was busted back in January at a happy-ending-friendly massage parlor.

UPDATE: Twitter has removed #gokeyisadouche from the Trending Topics list, inspiring a new trending topic from the outraged, Gokey-loathing masses: #twitterisadouche.

The revolution will not be tweeterized.

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