Sucker Punch's Jamie Chung on Mastering Zack Snyder's Trademark Slow-Mo

Zack Snyder's Watchmen follow-up, Sucker Punch, has shed its original cast members about as fast as Watchmen hemorrhaged box office dollars, but it still remains one of Hollywood's most intriguing projects. First, lead actress Amanda Seyfried dropped out (which left an opening for up-and-comer Emily Browning), then Evan Rachel Wood and Emma Stone were respectively replaced by Jena Malone and Real World: San Diego alumna (!) Jamie Chung. While on the red carpet of the Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday, we confronted the sweet-natured Chung to ask her just how things are coming along, and though she couldn't divulge too much about the secretive "girls with guns" project, she was at least generous enough to demonstrate how she plans to roll with Snyder's trademark slow-motion.

Our encounter, below:

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