How Sacha Baron Cohen Conned Ron Paul Into a Romantic Bedroom Interlude


Many have called Sacha Baron Cohen brave for some of the stunts he pulled in his upcoming gaystravaganza Bruno (including a same-sex kiss at a cage match that riled the audience of rednecks into a state of Coors-throwing fury), but to us, the gutsiest set piece Cohen engineered was roping failed presidential candidate Ron Paul into a bedroom for an uncomfortable, aborted seduction. Now, Paul is revealing all about the brief encounter that will have Cohen dogged by red-faced Paul supporters for the rest of his days.

Paul opened up about the escapade to conservative radio show host Curtis Sliwa (who, in a stunt worthy of Baron Cohen, once faked his own kidnapping in an attempt to win crime-fighting fame). "I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics," explains Paul, who was ushered out of a "malfunctioning" studio by producers, then led into a back area that was set-dressed to look like a hotel bedroom. From there, clumsy come-ons, pants-droppings, and angry exits ensued, as detailed in the audio above. "Why in the world didn't I sock this guy in the nose?" Paul groans, fearing the reaction of his zealous flock of fans. Don't worry, Ron: if every Republican is going to have their gay sex sting taped for posterity, at least you've already gotten yours out of the way (and ameliorated by residuals).

· Bruno Fools Ron Paul: "By The Time He Started Pulling His Pants Down..." (AUDIO) [HuffPo]


  • TI says:

    Ron Paul is a limp wristed, liberal, libertarian - pot smoking, closet homosexual. What Ron Paul wants you to think is that he is a conservative...he is not. I use to think he was funny but Ron Paul is anything but funny.

    • jeff245 says:

      You are completely misinformed and ignorant. Go to another forum that you may have knowledge on, like how to waste time and look like an idiot.

  • B Long says:

    Ron paul is liberal? have you read or listened to anything he has to say? he's liberal as far as personal liberties, as were our founding fathers, and very much believes that you shouldn't interfere with the liberties of others, including homosexual, that doesn't mean he's homosexual, and he's all for the liberty for people to use what was naturaly growing here anyway... that doesn't sound radically liberal... As far as his fiscal, monetary, and foreign policy, he's as conservative as it gets... i cant stand web pollution from people that have no idea what they're talking about...

  • Bob Dobb says:

    Sasha Baron Cohen, playing a narrow minded stereotypical character to expose narrow minded stereotypical characters.

  • mr p says:

    I say good on him. Funny funny stuff, very clever.

  • djc says:

    Even if his movies are culturally relevant, he could still get the same message across without displaying the movies in such an immature, un-adult, way. His movies are not well thought out, nor well presented. It makes me sick to be in a country where other people depict its culture in such an unsophisticated and babyish way. It makes my brain hurt.
    As for Ron Paul, so many people don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Paul is a true patriot and a true humanitarian. He pushes for a country that is powerful not because it imposes its order across the world, but because it spreads morality and humility. You can't judge his character and ideals because of how he claims what political party he identifies with. Our parties are corrupted but he must identify with one of them. If he was purely independent he would receive far less support. Money is a big factor here. But all this should not solely speak for what he believes in, which is you and me and not how much power he obtains.
    If you want to keep embracing some bully, money-hungry, self-indulgent, materialistic asshole into presidency then our nation will never be rectified.

  • George Orwell says:

    After seeing this preview, it just validates one more reason why I've started to think that the slackjawed public deserve the future that they so desperately seem to want, and that they'll rightfully get.

  • lisaloo says:

    Borat is a disrespectful jerk. I hope some woman publicly comes onto him and "shames" him for his behavior to an American Congressman.

    • sCHMUCK/////// Borat is another fictional character..not in the movie BRUNO......and not what aw are discussing here...I think RON PAUL must have agreed to let COHEN use the film shoot......after he found out it was all a joke and that he was making a movie...and NOT REALLY COMING ON TO HIM....and I am sure he got a whole lot of money too.

  • Diana says:

    I agree with most of these people. I think this man is pretty gross. He isn't funny. He's an arrogant asshole who is about as stupid as the other Jewish "comedienne", Andy Kaufman. This is the guy that gays should be afraid of as he will bring homophobia to higher level. Gays should organize against this idiot for the damage he is doing. The Hollywood media is trying it's hardest to book him on the major shows to promote his show and people like Conan O'Brien and Eminem are getting paid to play along with this asshole. I'm really disappointed in both Conan and Eminem.

    • i think the only you DIANA......He is very funny and different.....a combination of slapstick and porn......and the GAY people are not the least bit offended or afraid of him..Your paranoia is the problem. He is beyond outrageous.....Anyone who watches his movies knows it isnt a Walt DISNEY production.......part of the fun of wondering what was real or what was staged......And I am sure..DIANA mentioning the "JEWISH COMEDINNE.....Andy KAufman,(who died of cancer quite a while ago) is a bit doubt.......

  • Jeremy says:

    So Ron Paul is in the wrong for angrily walking out of an interview when SBC dropped trou? I'm not homophobic, but if someone i don't know tries to show me their junk, they're getting punched in the face. Cohen's movies are not culturally relevant at all. Have you noticed the people he chooses to put in his movies? In Borat, he was at a rodeo for God's sake. What kind of people do you think go to rodeos? SBC isn't trying to change culture, he's just doing things for shock value because it's entertainment to some people, and it pays.

    • YES.. he does things for shock value....and this shock, kept me hysterical. Its good to laugh.... I wonder about the scene when he is supposed to be getting KARATE LESSIONS.....with two dildos in his hands and one hanging out of his pants....was that a real KARATE instructor/?????or an actor....and was he in on the movie??????and the jokes. And the Gay converter.. was he for real?????The AMY BASE scene...I would think they had to be in on it????