Jamie Foxx vs. Miley Cyrus: What Hath Movieline Wrought?


As much as it was a pleasure to introduce this site yesterday, it came as even more of a thrill to be the first! Site! Anywhere! to point out Jamie Foxx's charming Easter rant against poor, defenseless Miley Cyrus. Now that the story (and the corresponding soundtrack from Foxx's radio show) are slathered from Hell to Creation, the last 24 hours have provoked a period of intense reflection. But not too much reflection.

It was just a matter of time before the word and reaction spread, much of it critical of Foxx, 41, for joking on-air that the 16-year-old sensation should "do heroin," "make a sex tape" and/or "catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat." The Oscar-winner himself is the father of a teenage girl, after all, and had a white comic made similar remarks about her (or any African-American teen), it probably would have cost him/her a lot more than an apology.

Not that Foxx is likely to offer as much to Miley any time soon, if some recently recirculated comments to Parade are any indication:

"I'm a comedian at heart," he said. "What's funny is that some people were trying to get me to rethink my act. They were like, 'You're an Oscar winner now. Maybe you shouldn't push the envelope with your jokes.' A black artist can't worry about white folks digging him. The minute you say, 'I want people in South Dakota to like me,' that's when you lose it. You just have to do your thing."

Consider it done, I guess. And how.

· Is Jamie Foxx Free to Diss Miley Cyrus? [Parade]


  • lulu51 says:

    shame on you jamie foxx, you lost respect for yourself by you vile remarks for miley cyrus. mr. big comedian, musician and professional artist, what did your comments gain?

  • Madayezheyll says:

    Wow! Does anyone see that this person is a 41 year old man! There is NO reason for him to talk about a child this way. He needs to grown his dumb ass up! I know the saying, "We grow a little bit each day", but if you haven't learned how to respect other within 41 f-in years, there's no hope for you. As an adult, you should treat the youth with love. As a man you should treat women with respect. He is a dumb ass. He has a daughter. There's no way he would let someone say that about her, for ANY reason. Then you people blindly follow his lead and applaud him? I'm a black guy and my mother has rasied me to respect others. How, HOW THE HELL can you speak that way about someone, a little girl actually, and call yourself a MAN? Better question, how can you haul your racist ass to a club getting tipsy and singing about drinking when you have kids? Yeah maybe some of us don't respect her music and/or acting but that's no reason to let him get away with this bull. All I know is, he, and those losers on his show, are giving me and people of my color a bad name.

  • stop the maddness! says:

    sure what fox said was controverisal, but he's a commedian.
    its his job.
    and he sure picked an easy target..
    a girl who hasn't been acting too angelic (aint no denyin that)
    its funny,
    cuz i see now that black folks arent the only ones to call racist at any little thing.
    fox did not even say "little white bitch" it was a coworker,
    so some people need to stop running off rumors and get their facts straight.
    BUT foxx apologized sincerely,
    so let it go,
    and lets focus on some real issues?

  • Texas Tornado says:

    The fact is that Jaime chose to take a "cheap shot" at Miley Cyrus. I know Jaime has better material or jokes to work with than that. How would Jaime like it if another entertainer made cruel jokes about his Grandmother? Since his Grandmother raised him and she was very special to him, then maybe he can empathize with Billy Ray Cyrus. What is this world coming to? It's not about race,age or even gender, the bottom line is it's all about MONEY!! PUBLICITY+CONTROVERSY=MONEY

  • Sam Dunn says:

    Jamie Foxx is a foul-mouthed verbal abuser of a child. Sexual remarks to a child are never funny. He is a pig and racist who has enjoyed the benefit of this ridiculous double standard for his entire career. Enough of Jamie Foxx. I will not buy a ticket nor DVD for anything that benefits, or is related and/or endorsed by Mr. Foxx. Money Talks, and Foxx will walk, Bye Jamie.

  • henry says:

    Foxx is a one trick pony....plus classless