We're Back. With Better Hair.


Dear Reader,

On behalf of everyone here at Movieline, welcome. Whether you come to us as a fan of the original magazine, a follower of our previous online efforts, or out of sheer curiosity after noticing our URL carved into a bathroom stall at one of L.A.'s mustier drinking establishments, we're thrilled to have you here, and encourage you to stick around and explore.

We know you have questions, so let's get right to them.

What's Movieline?

Movieline was a Hollywood magazine that launched in 1989. Fittingly enough, Jane Fonda was on the first cover (Fonda is now an unwitting Movieline contributor via our Twitter feed), and one of its features was titled The Culture of Reincarnation ("Comebacks... Sequels... Remakes... the movie business thrives on déjà vu...").

Right from the start, it was abundantly clear that this was going to be an exciting new take on an old subject. It was smart, insidery, hilarious, a little naughty, and miles ahead of its time.

Why revive it?

Why? Because it was awesome, and there's been nothing like it since. And it sure as hell deserves a comeback/sequel/remake more than A Nightmare on Elm Street does.

What should we expect?

A lot. For one thing, we've expanded our coverage to encompass all aspects of entertainment. Also, you may have noticed we exist online -- you know, that series of tubes that wasn't around much back when Sean Young ruled the Hills -- so expect a steady, up-to-the-minute stream of breaking news, exclusive interviews, reviews, and features. You may also notice some of the magazine's greatest hits making a return -- classic columns like Hollywood Ink, Bad Movies We Love, our signature cheeky lists (yes--Movieline started those), and perhaps even a Guess Who/Don't Sue blind item now and again. Look for all of these and more in an elegantly bundled online package, free from the billowing hair and pastel-colored fashions of that bygone era.

I don't work in Hollywood. Do I belong here?

Yes. Movieline caters to anyone with strong opinions about pop culture. We eat, breathe, and poop the stuff, and presumably you do, too. Whether or not you work in The Biz (Biz tip: no one who works in the The Biz actually calls it The Biz), there's bound to be something here to grab your interest. On the other hand, for the industry insiders and aspiring players among you: Welcome to your new home. This is a place for anyone who likes their weekend grosses with a strong cup of irony, and wants to find out who's been hired and fired in Hollywood before they do.

Sounds great! How much is it?

It's free.

Free? Wow. Is there any way I can repay you?

Yes. For starters, hang out. Tell your friends about us. Comment. And most importantly -- tip us. No, not 18%, though that is customary. We mean send us story ideas, dirt, celebrity sightings, overhead snippets of conversations. Don't second-guess yourself! The more we hear from you, the better.

OK. Can I start reading now?

You may.


  • kylo4 says:

    Welcome back guys! Seth and the rest of the DF crew. Can't wait to back into the groove of things.

  • Diddles says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so glad you're back! My days at work have been freakishly productive since y'all left that previous site (which I read daily but was never clever enough to comment on). And I've missed out on the top-notch snarkiness from the classic commenters, too. Now go forth and amuse me.

  • Shumina says:

    Woohoo! Let's get back to business!

  • susiefaye says:

    So happy you're back!!!

  • Titania Strawberry Painbringer says:

    Man. You guys created quite a fortress out of all of those office supplies you smuggled out. It looks fantastic. And the writing's great as always. Congrats!

  • Sean Jungian says:

    The internet has been gray and joyless since y'all left Defamer (and that includes the remarkable commenters). Always loved Movieline and grateful to transfer my slavish devotion to your new venture.
    Extra-special points for mentioning Sean Young. Weloome back!

  • ribsky korsakov says:

    Attttt lassssssst.....(shots of various slo-mo running people)
    Missed you Seth and crew, and brilliant commenters too. Congrats!

  • Dimo says:

    Looks like somebody just got added to my bookmarks toolbar!
    About fucking time too! I almost solved the economic crisis in all that down time. Welcome back bitches!!!!

  • I finally got around to reading my email today -- so glad you guys are back! I'll bookmark you where D*f*m*r used to be.

  • stretch65 says:

    S N A R K
    phew - that had been building up for a while now...
    there was no longer a reason to waste it at Defamer anymore
    you guys got my full load...
    snark snark snark snark

  • Ice Princess says:

    I realize this comment is incredibly late, but OH HOLY FUCK. I found the site completely by accident earlier this week, and the joy I have been experiencing is lofty and absurd. You were the best pop-culture mag ever published in the U.S. (well, till those last couple years when you decided your real competition was In Style), and having you back, with daily content and expanded focus, is one of the best things I could possibly imagine. Here's to plenty more snark and silliness and impassioned love of the absurdity that is our country's entertainment.

  • I truly love films I weren't able to really live without...

  • I'd write thoughtful posts like this one if only I had more time to do it

  • I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I just picked one up last week and I couldn’t be happier!