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Vincent Gallo is Suing Los Angeles, Because Of Course

Vincent Gallo (Getty Images)

Of all the random shenanigans actor/filmmaker/online purveyor of fine goods Vincent Gallo has pulled, suing the city of Los Angeles kind of makes the most sense of them all. Consider: According to TMZ, Gallo filed a lawsuit to shut down the Arts District Business Improvement District plan, which uses taxpayer money to patrol, safeguard, and improve the downtown L.A. arts district. Gallo reportedly wants the program shut down and $1.3 million returned because it's purportedly wasteful and provides "no benefit." In other news: The Brown Bunny star's personal services are still available for purchase! Now that's money well spent, I'm sure. [TMZ]

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Trailer: Twilight's Peter Facinelli is a Pickpocket with Panache in Loosies

Peter Facinelli, the elder Twilight statesman at age 37, wrote, produced, and stars in the new movie Loosies, the story of a tricky pickpocket who discovers that his ex-girlfriend (Jaimie Alexander) is pregnant just as he finds himself on the lam. It costars Michael Madsen and Vincent Gallo, which should make you jolt an eyebrow. Let's see if Facinelli can make thievery look cool in the movie's new trailer.

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