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WATCH: Joel Kinnaman In Way Over His Head in Martin Scorsese-Approved Easy Money

Easy Money - Joel Kinnaman

Before he skulked the streets of Seattle on The Killing and nabbed the role of Alex Murphy in the upcoming RoboCop reboot, Joel Kinnaman made a splash in his home country of Sweden with the crime drama Easy Money (nee Snabba Cash). The Weinstein Co. snapped up the pic, which also put director Daniel Espinoza (Safe House) on Hollywood's radar, and will debut it stateside this July... with the hefty endorsement of none other than Martin Scorsese. Finally (!) we have the first domestic trailer for Easy Money, in which Kinnaman's pretty-boy business major, craving the wealthy lifestyle he never had growing up, becomes entangled with warring crime lords in Stockholm and finds himself in way over his head.
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Is The Killing's Joel Kinnaman Your New RoboCop?

Joel Kinnaman (Getty Images)

These deals-in-the-making stories always carry a grain of salt since nothing in Hollywood is ever so sure just about until the cameras roll, but the trade scoop that The Killing's Joel Kinnaman may be your next RoboCop is just too tantalizing. Joel Kinnaman who, you may ask, and rightly so? The Swedish-American actor's been in a handful of stateside film projects here and there (including the recent Safe House and, briefly, Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) but the closer I look at his work, the more enticing this casting move becomes.
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Safe House Director's Previous Feature Finally Hitting Theaters

Safe House Director's Previous Feature Finally Hitting Theaters

It's only taken a few years, but the success of director Daniel Espinosa's Safe House means that Harvey Weinstein is finally ready to let the filmmaker's Swedish-language hit Easy Money -- née Snabba Cash -- off his shelf on July 27. The distributor cited the eventual Stateside publication of the film's source novel (as opposed to Safe House's $83 million-and-counting domestic haul) as his motivation: “We love the movie, but we needed the book to be out here,” he told the LAT. Right. As always with Harvey, all release dates are subject to change and/or revocation at any time, so remember to mark your calendars in pencil. [LAT]