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WATCH: LOLs, Sadfaces Ensue When Comedians Read Twitter Insults Aloud

Will Ferrell - Jimmy Kimmel

Because it's always good to remember that when you're judging famous people on Twitter, they sometimes read it (and weep), Jimmy Kimmel corralled a gaggle of comedians and comic actors to read some of the meanest Tweet-critiques they've received for the camera. I think we can all take a few universal lessons from this video: Namely, that celebrities like Jason Bateman, Presidential candidate Roseanne, and Andy Dick really are like the rest of us little Tweeters -- well okay, maybe not Andy Dick. Also: Will Ferrell reads his @ messages while on the can, too! If that can't bring us together as a Tweeple, what will?
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Adventures in Twitter || ||

Roseanne Barr is Officially Running for President of the United States

It's official: Comedienne-activist Roseanne Barr is a Green Party Presidential Candidate. "As POTUS I will forgive all student loans and ALL HOMEOWNER DEBT AND ALL CREDIT CARD DEBT [sic]," she Tweeted shortly after her candidacy was announced. "As potus, I will pursue all lawbreakers-financial terrorists first," she continued, adding an aside to a follower regarding health tips: "u will have 2 stop using diet coke if u r to survive." Let's follow this woman into the future! [@therealroseanne]