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Trailer: Tiny Furniture + Sex and the City = Lena Dunham's GIRLS, Kinda

Lena Dunham's GIRLS

It's awfully simplistic to say so but with Lena Dunham's forthcoming HBO dramedy series GIRLS, which marks the latest milestone in her rapidly ascending career, the comparisons draw themselves -- comparisons to Dunham's own prior work and to all that's come before in attempting to mine the modern single female experience for insights and laughs in film and television. But whether you're a fan or a Dunham skeptic, it's worth taking a look at the show's first trailer to see for yourself what to expect from the developing filmmaker, especially with folks like Judd Apatow shepherding her post-Tiny Furniture.
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Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Talk Larry Crowne, Career Lows, and the Bosom Buddies Reunion That Almost Was

This summer's most unlikely super hero may well be Tom Hanks' titular everyman in Larry Crowne, an unsinkable Navy veteran who loses his job and decides to bounce back by going to college. Star Hanks, who co-writes and directs for the first time since 1996's That Thing You Do!, was taken by the idea of a tale about re-invention, loss, and bouncing back, and reminisced with co-star Julia Roberts about the moment in his life when things looked so dire he wasn't sure a Hollywood career was in the cards.

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