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Carrying the Banner for Newsies the Movie

Carrying the Banner for Newsies the Movie

Ditto what New Yorker writer Hannah Goldfield says of Disney's 1992 flop-turned-Broadway hit Newsies, though I loathed the tepid romance between Christian Bale's Jack and that useless Sarah girl. Ahem: "A movie is fixed, eternal. Your perception of it may change slightly each time you watch it, but nothing else, not the tiniest of details, will. It’s a precise memory you can return to, over and over—I know I’ve found a movie I’ll love forever if I have the feeling of wanting to watch it again immediately after it ends..." [New Yorker]

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Watch Alan Menken Play Songs from Newsies, Including His 1993 Razzie Winner


Newsies on Broadway has entered the national consciousness, so now I get to say this to all the rest of you: FINALLY. Join me, Fansies, in watching Oscar- and Grammy-winning composer Alan Menken tickle the ivories to a number of his best Newsies tunes from the 1992 cult movie and the Harvey Fierstein-penned Broadway adaptation, and consider: Did he really deserve that Razzie award?
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Disney's Newsies Musical Heading to Broadway in 2012

Open the gates and seize the day! Following a successful run at New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse, the Harvey Fierstein-adapted stage musical Newsies -- based on the best period musical of all time about turn of the century paperboys fighting Big Business (that also starred Christian Bale) -- will open on honest-to-goodness Broadway in March. This gives you bandwagon-jumpers plenty of time to catch up to the rest of us Newsies diehards who've known all along that one day, the family-friendly stylings of legions of dancing street urchins just trying to sell some 'papes would catch on like gangbusters. The world will know ...that we're not crazy! (Right?) [Wall Street Journal]

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From Goonies to Newsies, Know Your Upcoming Broadway Musical Adaptations

As the makers of multiple Tony winners like Spamalot, Billy Elliott, and Hairspray (among many, many others) know, adapting hit Broadway musicals from movies can be quite rewarding -- commercially and creatively. But since these days it seems like Broadway folk are dipping into the Hollywood playbook for just about any kind of material -- nun-themed disco comedies, '80s-set Adam Sandler pics, even the Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore romance Ghost, complete with potter's wheel cheesiness -- Movieline's got your guide to the five most promising future movie-to-Broadway adaptations to watch for.

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